Itchy and patchy skin? Here’s an Easy Skincare Routine for Expecting Moms!

It’s said that the life of a woman gets thoroughly fulfilled post maternity. However, pregnancy itself is not easy at all. It comes with its own set of issues. Among several such issues, those related to diet, sleep, and medicines are quite common. However, there are certain issues that are not thrown enough lights on. Skincare issues are among some of such prominent issues.

Frequently occurring skin issues

The primary reason behind the skin issues appearing during pregnancy is due to hormonal imbalance. To be specific, the issues like acne, dullness of the skin, hair fall, etc., are some of the frequently encountered problems women face during these days. Well, these issues are pretty temporary and can be treated through a proper skincare routine.

Pigmented Skin

Chances of occurrences of pigmentation always remain at the peak during pregnancy days. The prime reason behind this is due to the growing sensitivity towards the sun, coupled with variations in hormonal levels. To avoid this, it is advised that you apply sunscreen thoroughly. Specifically, the working ladies who are regularly exposed to the sun must be careful about this aspect.

The common problem of stretch marks

Stretch marks are quite common during the pregnancy days. It occurs as the skin expands during these days to provide adequate space for the baby. The best way to avoid these issues is to consistently moisture the skin. However, one must consult with a skin specialist while selecting the moisturizer to ensure that it doesn’t cause or aggravate itchiness or allergies. In this context, Cocoa butter can be a fantastic recommendation. It holds a proven effect on addressing the stretch marks. It is quite safe too. In fact, easily available products like coconut oil can be equally effective as well to treat these issues.

Time to Take skincare seriously

It is important to understand that skincare should be taken as seriously asall other aspects during pregnancy. Usage of sunscreen, moisturizers, coconut oils, etc. should not be avoided. Most importantly, emphasis should be given towards the usage of organic products in order to avoid the harmful chemicals.

You have to put constraints over waxing

Ladies who are staunch followers of the waxing procedure should be careful during pregnancy. Though it is true that waxing is not altogether dangerous, it indeed increases the level of sensitivity of the skin. This mainly occurs due to the hormonal imbalances. In fact, procedures like waxing can be much more painful during pregnancy. Hence, it is recommended to go with manual ways of shaving during the pregnancy days. In fact, those applying shaving cream should also consult skin experts prior to applying.

Vitamin C serum is a must,being a source of antioxidants

To enjoy a healthy skin during pregnancy, it is highly recommended to go with adequate Vitamin C serums. This helps in maintaining the brightness level of the skin. It is here to note that the serum is an incredible antioxidant and trusted enough to be used during pregnancy.

So now that you know all about the skincare basics, don’t ignore yourself anymore and start a daily 15minutes skincare regime from today itself!

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