How To Clean Your Baby’s Stuffy Nose: Natural Home Remedies

You as an adult know what to do, when you have a stuffy nose or nasal congestion. You can either blow your nose or use a nasal drop to open the blocks inside.

But for your infant or your baby, his or her jammed snot is yet another story. As they haven’t been able to master the art of blowing their noses. The little stuffy nose leaves the infant or the baby crying and cranky. He or she might even find it difficult to breathe or be fed. As new parents, you feel bad and worried seeing your little son or daughter suffer from blocked nasal passage. So, when you’ve found out that your little one has a stuffy nose, you’ve started looking out for some of the best natural ways to give your child relief from nose blockage.   

The Best and Natural Remedies for Nasal Congestion

While you can take the advice of your doctor, who will give you medical treatment options like a bulb syringe, nasal aspirator, and nasal spray, there are other natural remedies too that you can consider. The remedies include:

Keep Your Baby’s Head Elevated While Sleeping

Just like you, your little one might feel more congested, when he or she is lying down. So, when you keep your baby’s head up or in an upright position, he or she will be able to breathe in and out easily. You can alternately, keep a towel under his or her head. The added height allows the mucus to be drained out easily, while the child is sleeping. Otherwise, he or she won’t even be able to sleep properly.

Give Your Baby a Steam Bath

Steam would work wonders for your child. Allow the bathroom to be steamy before you and your little one enter. Or let the hot water flow. Mix hot and normal water and sit with your child in there for some time. The mucus in your baby’s nose will start thinning and slowly the congestion will be cleared.

Give a Cool Humidifier a Try

If you happen to stay in a dry place with your child, remember that dry air can make your little one feel nasally congested. While moisture can relieve it. So, try investing in a humidifier and observing your little one for at least two weeks. You will notice your child slowly getting cured within these two weeks.

Observe Your House’s Air Quality

If your house has poor air quality, you might want to think about using an air purifier daily. You might alternately, try to change the filters in your cooling system. Who knows, this might just turn out to be lucky both for you and your little one.

Give Breast Milk Drops

Breastfeeding is a great way to connect with your little one physically and emotionally. Did you know that breastmilk can work significantly as a treatment for nasal congestion in your child? Yes, it does. Pump it and keep it aside, and use a dropper to apply it directly to your baby’s nose. This will slowly make the mucus lose inside the little one’s nose.

Keep Your Baby Hydrated

Whether you’re exclusively breastfeeding or bottle-feeding your baby, keeping your little one hydrated is the key. Keeping your baby’s fluid intake intact can keep the mucus thin, further ensuring that his or her nose is clean.  

Learning how to clean your little one’s nose properly can make both of you feel more comfortable. But, even after trying out the home remedies if you notice that your little one is struggling with a stuffy nose, consult your child’s specialist.