Breastfeeding is Good Both For You and Your Baby – Know How?

Embracing motherhood, after passing through a long journey of nine-months, is not easy. And we understand that, becoming a mother involves a lot of pain, compromises and sacrifices.

But, with your mewling little one in your arms, you feel like you’ve been rewarded after winning the huge pregnancy challenge.

Well! Now that you are a new mom to your new-born, all that you can ever think of is about your baby’s health and well-being.

Therefore, according to the experts’ advice and your doctor’s recommendation, breastmilk, is the most natural source of nutrient for your baby.

However, breastfeeding, which is the most natural method of feeding your baby, has seemingly endless benefits both for you and your baby.

Continue reading this engaging article, as we harp on the advantages of breastfeeding, for you and your baby, this breastfeeding week:

How is Your Baby Benefitted From Breastfeeding?

Healthcare professionals from the American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommend, exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months to 1 year or even longer than that. After all, breast milk is:

A Good Source of Nutrition

Secretion of a thick and yellowish fluid known as colostrum from your breast milk, after your baby’s birth turns out to be the ideal first milk for your baby. It fulfils the protein-requirement for the infant and helps in developing the new-born’s immature digestive tract. But, as the baby grows up, and you start producing more milk, it fills up the baby’s carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals requirements.

Boosts the Baby’s Immunity

The nutrient-dense colostrum, is also packed with immunoglobulin A (lgA) and several other antibodies, which helps the baby in combating against certain viruses and bacteria, harming his or her immunity. Going deeper, however, the immunoglobulin A (lgA) forms a protective layer in the baby’s nose, throat and digestive system, thus strengthening the immunity and preventing the baby from falling sick. In fact, many breastfed babies have very little ear infections and respiratory problems.

Helps the Baby in Gaining Healthy Weight

Studies have supported that; breastmilk is teeming with bacteria helps in colonising your infant’s gut and nourishes the baby’s microbiome. Nevertheless, breastfeeding the baby continuously for 4 months, and even after that, significantly reduces your baby’s chance of being overweight.

Makes the Baby Smart

Research has it that, due to physical touch, and eye contact while breastfeeding, your baby might seem to have long-term brain development, with no behavioural and learning problems.

But, it’s not just your baby, who’s enjoying the benefits of breastfeeding, you are equally benefitted.

How Are You Benefitted From Breastfeeding?

Through Breastfeeding, you can establish an emotional connection with your baby, immediately. Basically, nursing your baby releases oxytocin and prolactin hormones, thus sharing a sense of love and care with your baby. These oxytocin hormones, at same time, encourages uterine contraction and reduces uterine bleeding, after you’ve delivered your baby, thus returning it to its pre-pregnancy size.

Most importantly, breastfeeding lowers the risk of deadly diseases like breast and ovarian cancer and helps in burning those extra kilos, earned during pregnancy.

There’s no denying that being a new mother, breastfeeding your new-born is one of the most cherished moments of your life. With the physical and emotional benefits, breastfeeding becomes one of the best choices, unless you cannot do it due to certain health or medical condition.