How Can Pregnant Women Keep Body Odour Away?

A sudden fluctuation in metabolic rates coupled with increased blood flow makes your glands work overtime. Besides that, your nose will start picking up on the faintest of smells. And soon, you will notice that you no longer smell as nice as before. Body odour can make you feel conscious and even embarrassed. However, before feeling insecure, we should remember it is due to hormonal change.

What Causes Body Odour During Pregnancy?

Estradiol, a hormone that increases during pregnancy, heightens your sense of smell. While outside odours slip under the radar, the smell emerging from your own body might become intolerable. The best way to cope with such bodily changes is by understanding the underlying reasons.

Hormonal Change

A drastic change in hormonal levels makes the body produce a pungent smell. The most affected areas are the armpits and the genitals, explaining why pregnant women have to put up with underarm odour.

Excessive Sweating

You will find yourself struggling with heat as your body temperature shoots up. Plus, the additional weight of pregnancy makes you sweat profusely, intensifying body odour. Body moistness also creates an ideal atmosphere for bacteria to thrive.

Increased Sensitivity

During pregnancy, you will experience different cravings and sensations. As a result of the heightened sense of smell, your nose will pick up scents that people around you have not noticed. So, there’s a chance your body odour is not as foul as your nose is making it out to be.

Preparation for Breastfeeding

During pregnancy, your body starts lactating. Until the baby’s hearing and vision develop, their sense of smell is their only guide. Therefore, when your body emanates a strong odour, your baby will recognize you by your scent. Even the smell coming from your armpits will encourage the baby to swirl towards your breasts.

Change in Diet

You will need a lot of nutrition while you’re pregnant, which is why you should eat a wide variety of nutritious food, ranging from fruits to leafy vegetables. However, your food choices can also impact your body odour. For instance, red meat has amino acids that cause sweating, and seafood affects body odour and vaginal discharge. Broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower contain sulfur that gets absorbed in the bloodstream and erupts as sweat on the skin’s surface.

Often, people around you won’t notice the odour. So, mostly, it’s your heightened sense of smell that’s making you feel conscious or embarrassed. However, if you notice vaginal secretions with a strange color or odour, then consult your doctor.

How to Smell Nice During Pregnancy?

Bathe Twice a Day

Taking a shower twice a day can keep body odour away. Use an anti-bacterial soap to kill the bacteria causing body odour. Remember, bacteria thrive in moist spaces, so dry your skin thoroughly using a towel.

Keep Your Skin Fresh

You can also use home remedies to smell fresh. While taking a shower, keep a container with some water and squeeze a few drops of lemon. This will keep your skin fresh for a long time.

Shampoo Regularly

Shampoo thrice a week and spray your comb with perfume. This will make your hair smell nice every time you comb it.

Stay Trimmed

Trim your body hair, especially in the armpits and genitals.

Stay Hydrated

Remember to drink a lot of water and fluids.

Even after practicing good hygiene, you may experience body odour. In such a scenario, consult your doctor, who may prescribe some medicated soap. Most importantly, don’t obsess about it too much as it is a normal part of pregnancy.