pregnant women sleeps left side

Here’s Why Pregnant Women Are Told to Sleep on Their Left Side

Sleeping position is a critical consideration for pregnant women in their third trimester as neglecting it, can affect the health of both the mother and the baby. Though, you have the freedom to sleep in your desired position in your first trimester as the uterus shields the fetus at that moment. But with time, the uterus becomes too tight for the fetus, and it requires more care from the mother’s end to keep the baby healthy and safe. Here, you will know about the best sleeping position for the mother once the baby bump shows up.

Does the Sleeping Posture Matter?

Preferring to sleep in the same position without much care can add more discomfort to the sleeping habits of a woman. Pregnancy itself brings in some liable restrictions that need to be followed to keep the baby healthy. In the first trimester, the sleeping position does not matter much, but with the passing of time, you must try leaning on your sides, whether right or left, to maximize the blood flow to the fetus during your sleep. Sleeping on your back in the third trimester for a long time will restrict the blood flow to the baby and might cause adverse health effects to the foetus. It will also result in health disorders for the mothers, such as haemorrhoids and backaches.

Doctor’s Advice on Picking a Side!

According to the medical experts and the doctors, sleeping on your back during the third trimester of pregnancy can cause backaches, and also result in low blood pressure. Another significant adverse effect of sleeping on your back during pregnancy is that it will put more strain on your intestines and other organs that might result in digestive problems for the mother.

A survey in the year 2015 mentions that sleeping on your back for a long duration increases the risk of stillbirth. The blood circulation is the key element that boosts the generation of the blood cells of the babies in the womb and keeps them fit. A woman who is expecting must take proper care of her lifestyle after the 26th week without neglecting a single day, as it might result in severe consequences.

Listen to the Experts!

Most doctors will advise you to keep in mind about the side-sleeping posture all the time and also suggest you to buy pregnancy pillows to support your body if you usually wake up lying on your stomach.

Remember to consult your doctor at all times and trouble them for any doubts or queries that you have related to the sleeping postures and other situations. Avoid taking stress during pregnancy too as it might affect the health of the baby. And if you wake up one day sleeping on your back don’t worry too much as doing it once or twice probably won’t matter at all but the stress and guilt will definitely be harmful for you and the baby.

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