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How to Get Your Partner to Share The Baby Care?

The word babycare is most often than not attached with mothers in general than dads. This probably could be because a man is looked more upon as the earning member of a family. Mostly mothers are looked upon being physically close to their babies post delivery. Therefore, it is often assumed that babycare is a woman’s job! However, it’s the 21st century now and things changed the moment we set our eyes on to it. At this present day and age, it is all about equality, when men and women share babycare. Wondering how? Here are some smart easy ways to get your partner to pitch in.

A Helping Hand to Start of

It is actually tough and impossible to get your partner to do all the babycare activities. First, it’s impractical. Second, it’s not a smart solution to shift the babycare chunk to one person. However, getting him gradually introduced to the work that needs to be done is a good idea. So start by asking for small help at a time. For instance, if your baby needs to be fed in certain intervals, ask your partner to remind you of the same. Then, when you set out to prepare the food, he can help you get the food done.

Give Him Responsibility of the Medical Check-ups

Visiting the doctor’s chamber is something that will happen at least once a month. So allow your partner to take charge of it. Request him to co-ordinate with the doctor for the appointment and keep the date marked in the calendar. Setting a reminder on the mobile too is helpful. Allow him to drive you to the medical center and accompany you through the visit. This will spark up the hero instinct in him. And you too will feel loved and taken care of!

Fix Up the Personal Care

Both during and after pregnancy, women are susceptible to mood changes and bodily fluctuations. To get back to the normal and healthy flow of hormones, it is essential for women to up their daily personal care. And it indicates aspects like yoga, exercises during and after pregnancy and also massages that relaxes the body and eases the mind. So allow your partner to fix a personal yoga instructor for you and check from time to time, if he/she is doing the job well. In addition to that, sometimes you can always ask for a back and shoulder massage which is help you relax out totally.

Talk Your Heart Out and Discuss It All

When you listen to what a woman has to say, it’s a greater and better help in her daily chores! Post delivery, a woman has a lot to take care of. The same applies during the pregnancy. So sometimes when you share your day with your partner, you feel lighter and sorted. For instance, if you feel that with your office work and the regular maternity/babycare you are stressed and burdened, go ahead and speak out your heart with your partner. You can even mention what kind of support you want from him. This will help you streamlining your work and expectations as well.

Share the Bath Time, Diaper and Playtime Duty

When your baby is born, things like changing diapers, clothes, bathing the baby, taking the little one out for a stroll and also playing with the kid – are all essential activities. The best way to get your partner involved is to split the duties and ask him to take part. This will help him bond with the baby even better.

The time before and after pregnancy is never easy! Baby care needs attention to details and careful planning. You can always ask your partner to help out and arrive at a balance and harmony in your baby care routine.

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