Child's Temperament

Can I Predict My Child’s Temperament?

Toddlers are filled with an array of emotions that in no way appear civilized to the adult world. Many will advise a worried parent that their toddlers are just a mini-version of a future teenager. Thus, making a worried parent more worried in case they have a rambunctious toddler on hand. This makes many parents wonder ‘can I predict my child’s temperament’. The personality of your toddler is determined with their temperament traits. Each child is genetically programmed with an in-built temperament which can alter as per their environment and how they perceive themselves, the people, as well as the environment around them.

What is Temperament?

Temperament is the in-born traits in children that help them approach the world. They help a child develop a distinct personality and also help them learn about the world around them. These traits appear as soon as the child is born. They are never ‘good’ traits or ‘bad’ traits. The way the parents receive these traits makes the child appear good or bad. It is important for the parents to understand the temperament of the child to help them stop blaming themselves for their child’s behavior.

Not all children are the same. You will find some babies are fussier, some need a lot of cuddle, and few have poor sleeping patterns. Parents need to understand their child and anticipate how their child will respond in different situations. This will help them help their child avoid sticky situations.

Is It Possible to Predict My Child’s Temperament?

Based on the traits exhibited by children, researchers have found three categories for children to determine their temperament types.

Easy/ Flexible

Children who are easy going, happy, mostly wakeup from the right side of the bed, are placed under this category. They can easily tolerate new people and situations around them and are generally active. However, even though it may not be easy to anger them, they are no pushovers. As they are easygoing, many parents tend to neglect them as they do not demand more attention from them. They are forced to spend hours in front of a screen and thus become lonely and neglected.

Slow to Warm Up / Shy

Shy kids make up 15% of the population. They are clingy and frown often. They are over-sensitive to everything around them. A tiny label on their clothes may bother them or a change in climate may make them fussy. They take their time to take part in a game. These kids have a gentle soul and parents should shield them from harsh words and ridicule. Do not rush them into things and allow them to take their time to try out something new. Never reject them as it makes the child fearful and bitter all their life.

The Feisty/ Wild Child

If you have a strong-willed active child, then you are up to new challenges in life. These children have a roller-coaster personality and tend to keep their parents on their toes. Such toddlers and kids are more active, impulsive, defiant, intense, rigid, and sensitive. They have an outgoing personality that cannot be constrained at times. As a parent you need to take your kid out more to play, to help them burn their energies and keep their moods balanced. However, make sure the child is given a lot of stability and handled with lots of patience.

All children are unique and cannot be defined by a single personality type. It is not necessary a shy child will grow up to be shy. They may be late bloomers and turn out to be the most happening teen in school. Celebrate your child with love and enjoy their uniqueness. Cuddle them as much as you can when the time is right. You will definitely miss that part of their personality as they grow up.

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