Entered Week 4 and Worried About the Missed Periods

If you are regular in your menstrual cycle and you missed your periods then it might happen that you are pregnant. At this time, you can get a positive pregnancy test as the embryo starts producing hCG. It’s very funny that your egg might have fertilized two weeks earlier but by this time you are 4 weeks pregnant.

Now you must be thinking about the size of the baby. Let me inform you that it’s the size smaller than a poppy seed. Or you can say is microscopic and the embryo is now known as blastocyst. It had already starts prepping for its journey of 40 weeks. The nervous system and blood vessels are developing. Now it’s the time when the embryo is surrounded by amniotic fluid and which provides a cushion like support to the embryo throughout pregnancy.

Your symptoms in week 4

You may notice some very light bleeding, or ‘spotting’, known as bleeding from implantation. This may be triggered by burrowing your little seed into your womb’s lining. It often occurs around the moment that your period was due and is comparatively prevalent. A progesterone surges this week may begin to make your breast feel tender, heavy, and sore-a little like they feel before your menses. This is triggered by the hormones of pregnancy that already prepare your body for milk production. Usually this soreness becomes easier by the end of the first trimester. You may be worried at 4 weeks of pregnant cramping, but it may actually be a sign that your baby has been properly implanted in your uterus wall. Pregnancy mood swings during the first 12 weeks are most dramatic. The hormones will then level out a little and decrease the amount of mood swings. Approximately 50% to 90% of pregnant women get some form of morning sickness like nausea and vomiting.

Your belly at week 4

A 4 weeks belly may be a little bloated, but you certainly don’t feel pregnant yet. Baby is already experiencing significant pregnancy growth at week 4, so begin getting prenatal vitamin if you’re not already. Look for one that contains at least 400 micrograms of folic acid and remember to take it every day. We understand that you have a lot of things in your mind, but since folic acid has been shown to assist avoid birth defects, it’s very essential!

As the button becomes more difficult for your skinny jeans, don’t stay back from looser types of clothing. Think about stretchy pants, leggings, shirts of drapey, and cardigans of waterfall. There are a ton of choices for loose-fitting clothing that will assist you feel stylish and remain comfortable.

This is the time when your doctor will check for the pregnancy complications and will advice for eating well, drinking lots of water and avoiding unhealthy habits such as drinking and smoking.

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