Diabetic? You Can Still Become Pregnant

A few years back people believe that, if they are suffering from diabetes then there are less chances of being pregnant. However, the time has now changed a lot. With the help of medicines diabetes can be controlled. Also giving proper care will help the expectant mother to get a healthy pregnancy.

Diabetes is a type of disease which occurs due to the increase in the glucose levels. In this disease the glucose of the body cannot be controlled properly. Our body secretes insulin hormone from the islets of Langerhans which is found in the pancreas. This insulin reacts with the blood sugar and converts it into glucose. Glucose then enters into the cells of the body and sored there. It is then used by the body to produce energy. In the diabetic patients, the pancreas does not work properly and is unable to secrete insulin.

Diabetes can become a serious problem during pregnancy. If you have diabetes and you are planning for having a baby, then be sure to visit the doctor before you attempt for conceiving. During your visit, your doctor will prescribe you for A1C test, blood test and urine test for finding the blood sugar levels in the body. You will also be advised to check out other issues of the body such as problems in liver, heart, cholesterol, thyroid, etc. those are associated with diabetes. The doctor will also measure your blood pressure, your height and weight.

If your blood sugar levels are high then doctor will suggest you to take precautions before you conceive. The reason behind is diabetes is harmful for the baby even at the first week of pregnancy. This will lead to damage in brain, spinal cord and heart. High level of glucose may cause pre-mature birth, low birth weight, low glucose level or difficulty in breathing.

In some women diabetes may cause miscarriage and stillbirth. Diabetes during pregnancy can also cause preeclampsia which can further cause hypertension to the pregnant woman.

Do not worry, this situation can be controlled by taking some precautions.

  1. You must always check your blood sugar level regularly from the time when you are planning to conceive. It is very important to control your blood sugar levels so that it does not cause any harm to the newly formed foetus.
  2. Have a proper diet that will be good for controlling diabetes. Your diet must include more fruits and vegetables. If you are having nausea and unable to eat the foods important for a diabetic patient, then consult with a dietician. Doctor will customize your diet according to the food you like to eat by keeping in mind that it will control the blood sugar levels.
  3. You must remain active for controlling the blood sugar levels. During your visit to the doctor you will be advised for doing exercises. The doctor will suggest that you can continue those exercises till the end of first trimester. after that in the beginning of the second trimester your doctor will limit your exercises but will advise to the exercises daily. It will help in stay active and affects the level of blood sugar. So, check the sugar level and continue to do as per the instruction of the doctor.
  4. If you are diabetic and planning for a pregnancy, then it is very important that you stay away from stress. If the environment of your home is stressful, then ask your family members to make the environment complete stress free. However, if it does not happen then you must go and stay at some other place where you will get lots of happiness.
  5. Finally, the most important thing is until and unless you doctor tells you that your blood sugar levels are normal, you must not proceed for conceiving. Once your doctor allows you then only you must go for conception.

It is very important that in addition to your physical health you must also take care of your mental as well as emotion condition. As a pregnancy tip it is advisable that you must stay free any kind of tension. This will help in controlling the increase in diabetes. Always make sure that you get complete support from your partner as well as your family members. Remember that a healthy mind will always lead to a healthy body.