Daily Commute During Pregnancy in India

During the time of pregnancy, it is very important that you plan for pregnancy. Especially the working women those who are working get too much worried. It is very important to choose the best way to commute.

  • Local trains:  If you are in a city where there is a facility of the local train, then you can use the first-class pass and avoid the crowd of the train. However, you might see that there is no such difference in the number of peoples mainly at office times. So it is advisable that you try to board the train a few minutes earlier than your regular time so that you can get space for sitting.
  • Metro trains: As now it is metro rail has become the most availed mode of communication, so all the to-be mommies can get comfort traveling in an air-conditioned transport vehicle.  One thing that you must keep in mind is that you have to know the nearest metro station to your home or your office. Another thing you have to be cautious about the timing of opening and closing the door of the train.
  • OLA & UBER: Now-a-days all the would-be mummies can commute to their office by booking an OLA or Uber Cab. While you are sitting in the car if you can ask the driver to drive slowly and carefully by avoiding the potholes bumps and speed breaker.
  • Bus: Travelling by bus is must be avoided for most of the time because bumpy roads, dust and heat can make you exhausted. However, if you do not have any option rather than boarding a bus then try to find a seat in the middle portion. It will help you in getting lesser jerk off the road. In some places, you will find a different section for women but if you don’t find any vacant seat then ask someone for the seat else asks the conductor to help.
  • To drive own vehicle: Driving a car during the pregnancy is allowed for all of the pregnant mommies. However, you must consult with your doctor before doing so because if you have any kind of complications, then driving can be harmful to your health. For the mummies, those who ride the bikes driving is a big NO for them and they must give rest to their two-wheelers for a time span of approximately 1 year.

Now that you have come to know about the pros and cons of writing different types of vehicles, you can choose the best mode of communication for yourself whether you are going to the office or anywhere else.  Select the best mode and stay safe to avoid any type of harm to you and your baby.

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