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Cord blood use in high-risk pregnancies

Our cord blood stem cells have immense promise and use! It carries astonishing medical potential. This can be used to treat diseases and also be stored for many years. The stem cells contained in the placenta and umbilical cord blood cells help in medical treatment as well. From scientific research to genetic testing, the uses are many. However, there are situations when there’s a high-risk pregnancy resulting from a hereditary condition. Here, women can count on cord blood from another donor or even their siblings, so that the delivery takes place in a secure manner. This can keep both the mother and child safe from any health related ailments.

What results in a high risk pregnancy?

Simply put, a high risk pregnancy can be defined as one that poses serious threat to the baby, mother or both. There can be several health hazards and ailments that result in this. The fact that whether the infant to be born also has a similar ailment depends on various factors. It could range from anything where both the child’s parents carry genes having an ailment. Simultaneously, there could also be a trigger owing to environmental factors as well.

Majority of the high-risk pregnancies are owing to hereditary conditions, which get passed on to the child very easily. Some of the prominent ailments are all follows:

  • Cystic Fibrosis at the time of pregnancy

A woman having this ailment might develop breathing complexities during her pregnancy period. This ailment also maximizes the chance of gestational diabetes in the body. This needs to be addressed right at the onset of the pregnancy or even before that.

  • Gestational diabetes

This ailment takes place only when a woman is pregnant. There are some malfunctions in the blood sugar management that results in an increased amount of high blood sugar count. This doesn’t just affect the pregnancy, but also the overall condition of the health.

  • Hypertension

Overruled and often overlooked as something unimportant, hypertension can result in major health ailments. When pregnant, if a woman records high blood pressure, then this might result in kidney damage as well as other health ailments as well. The expecting child might also have low birth weight and there can be a chance of premature delivery as well.

  • Thyroid dysfunction

Hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism might lead to an excess of thyroid ailments. The thyroid hormone which is present in the mother’s blood stream might affect the child and the overall pregnancy as well. This also maximizes the chances of miscarriage. There can also be an early delivery. Few other bodily complications occurring due to thyroid dysfunction in a pregnant woman can be congestive heart failure, anaemia, high blood pressure and many more. And this in totality might simply affect a child’s brain growth and development.

  • RH factor at the time of pregnancy

There has been an instance where the baby is Rh positive and the mother is Rh negative. This results in the generation of anti-bodies which goes and acts against the blood of her baby. The pregnancy at the start isn’t much of a problem. However, going forward there can scopes of miscarriage. Also the baby born might have a chance to develop anaemia.

There is a list of few ailments that results in high-risk pregnancies in woman. There are several other reasons as well. For instance, you can also have cervical incompetence which might lead to premature delivery. This condition has a chance to affect female children even more.

This is where patients often turn to cord blood stem cells for probable treatments to existing physical conditions, prior to pregnancy. Stem cells that are sourced from cord blood provide a wide scope to heal these underlying ailments and other critical medical issues. Furthermore, cord blood is also used for genetic testing as well. So once the health problems are cured using cord blood stem cells, pregnancy risks can be alleviated. Both the mother and the child can be free from all kinds of danger.


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