Adult Stem Cell Research Far Ahead of Embryonic

Based on the research and clinical applications on the embryonic cells, it is measured that the adult stem cells are advancing in various ways. Though adult stem cells are considered as the red headed stepchild and embryonic stem cells are the media darling for ages, the press coverage has focused in various stages to showcase the advances in both the cases of this discrepancy.

Believe it or not, the bottom line of both adult stem cells and embryonic stem were being used in the early clinical and research-based works to simply heal the diseases based out of the cartilage, multiple sclerosis, bones, heart issues/attacks and even diabetes.

There has always been an emotional and notable debate based out of the topic embryonic stem cell and adult stem cells which continues with the testing today. An extensive and elaborative review on this project has made dozens of experts to offer their potential reviews based on it.  Apart from these regular efforts on transplants, adult stem cells have simply become standard lifesaving therapies for thousands of individuals who are suffering from Leukaemia, lymphoma and other various heart affected diseases. An embryonic stem may someday be used for massive diseases like Parkinson’s or diabetics, but these days adult stem cell has taken over the market on an initial and advanced level.

This may arise one question that how does embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells differ?

The answer is although very much contradictory but it still persists a strong ground to prove the worthiness of both the cases in much detail. We do have heard about the embryonic stem cells popularly known as ESCs. It was in the news for a decade while the concept of adult stem cells came into focus.

The adult stem cells are something that is found in everybody’s body as they are very much capable of repairing a host of tissues. In the latest research, it is quite popular that adult stem cell lines have surpassed the embryonic on various grounds.

In addition, the research also emphasizes on the fact that ASC is matured, focused, medicated, healed and dosed irrespective of the possible complications and medication out there. The ESC research is much more test tube in this response.

Few interceptions are as follows;

  • Cartilage Repair: 1113 for one Adult stem cell line and 230 articles on embryonic stem cells
  • Myocardial Infarction: 3451 for adult mesenchymal stem cell, and 186 for the embryonic stem cells.
  • Wound healing: 330 for adult mesenchymal stem cell, 565 for adult epithelial stem cell and 114 for the embryonic stem cells.

Various details are focused by the notable American Stem Cell Therapy Association (ASCTA) white paper encircling adult stem cells vs. embryonic stem cell research.

Adult stem cells have been transplanted these days on a routine basis for decades. It started with bone marrow transplant, then transferring of stem cells. Expert doctors have recovered the fact that the bone marrow stream of a patient donor infuses to opt for treatments like leukaemia and other blood diseases. This way thousands of lives are being saved each day.

Scientists are embarrassed by the fact to discover lately but there is nothing late than never, thus, new hopes and treatments out of adult stem cells will take the medical science in a much better position in upcoming years.

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