Umbilical Cord Around Neck: Causes, Signs & Remedies

umbilical cord wrapped around neck during birth

The umbilical cord, a rope-like structure, is the route to love and nurture your baby inside you. Your doctor will scan and see whether the umbilical cord in pregnancy is in good condition. The umbilical cord undergoes several complications. The umbilical cord complications are: Cord prolapse, single umbilical artery,  umbilical cord wrapped around the baby’s neck and many […]

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Round Ligament Pain During Pregnancy: Causes and Treatment

round ligament pain treatment during pregnancy

Pregnancy is undoubtedly a moment of blessing and happiness, but this period is a roller-coaster of emotional and physical changes. Mood swings, nausea, swelling, etc. are some of the common occurrences during pregnancy. Along with these, round ligament pain also emerges during the latter part of your pregnancy. What Is Round Ligament Pain During Pregnancy? […]

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Constipation During Pregnancy: Pain, Causes, Signs & Home Remedies

constipation during pregnancy on third trimester

Constipation is having less than three bowel movements in a week, or facing difficulty in passing stool. During your pregnancy, constipation is not uncommon. Due to the soaring pregnancy hormones and expanding uterus, you might frequently be complaining about  feeling bloated, gassy, clogged-up, infrequent bowel movements, and pain in the abs as signs of constipation […]

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