Why Do Cord Blood Banks Use Advanced Technology To Process Stem Cells?

Your baby’s cord blood banking is one of the most important decisions for you and your baby’s life. And, you should entrust upon a bank which is not just financially stable to take care of your baby’s stem cells for a long period of time, but a bank that also uses modern technologies in which there is absolutely no possibility of manual inaccuracy, and can recover the highest possible stem cells while processing the cord blood before it is preserved. 

That’s not the end!

Reputed cord blood banks use exclusively patented technologies.

And The Use Of Modern and Patented Technologies Has Several Benefits:

Internationally Accredited Labs

Accreditation means that the labs of cord blood banks comply with safety standards, medical protocols and operational efficiency, while processing the cord blood stem cells. In fact, FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved and cGMP and cGTP compliant systems ensures that your baby umbilical cord blood is processed consistently, in a biologically safe environment and that the processing takes place with the highest precision. Plus, the technologies meet the international health, safety and environmental requirements by complying with the quality standards of AABB and FACT – NETCORD.

cord blood bank uses latest technology

Automated Technology

By using automated technology, the most reputed cord blood banks have raised the standards of the cord blood processing. These systems are specially designed to process the stem cells and have the complete solution with device, bag set and other accessories for separation of the stem cells and meticulous collection of all the fractions of the stem cells.  

Integrated Quality Control and Efficient Reading

This indicates that these methods have automated medical devices,  functionally closed and integrated processing unit that’s sure to capture the data with quality assurance and compliance. These systems, indeed, have the software to track and read the stem cells effeciently. In this way, these technologies are consistently processing the cord blood sample units and reducing manual error.  

Highest Recovery

Since the system enables the tracking data of each cord blood sample unit, the advantage is 97.3% more stem cells are recovered, as compared to the traditional processing unit. Additionally, higher recovery of stem cells from your baby’s umbilical cord blood  have  more reliable potency and better engraftable fraction after a transplant.

Safe and Highly Sterile

Since every sample gets processed in a closed processing unit, every unit gets carefully monitored and traced through the process. It might take only 30 minutes to process cord blood, but each unit is processed through state-of-art technology with extreme care, safety and sterility.


As this prevents samples mix-ups and cross-contamination of your baby’s precious cord blood unit

To Conclude

In fact, Cordlife uses FDA approved automated, functionally closed, and sterile AXP®II system for processing cord blood. So, as to-be-parents, before you zero down on the cord blood bank you trust, we tell you why Cordlife, a brand known for its premium-ness should be your first and only choice.

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