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Want an easier labour? Having support may help

If you are giving birth to a child for the first time, the reality of “labour hurts” is something you must have heard before. And if it’s the second time you are pregnant, then you have already witnessed it! Being able to bring forth a new life on the face of earth indeed takes a lot out of a woman, both mentally and physically. However, in today’s new age way of life, where there’s a revolutionary solution to almost everything, is there at all a thing called “easy labour”? The answer is yes! The truth is, labour can be made less painful and stressful for a pregnant woman by following certain techniques. Discussed below are some of the useful ways.

  • Practicing Yoga
    Yoga is considered to be one of the best prenatal exercises that go a long way to ease labour pain! Yoga practitioners assert that multiple yoga postures set up the body in a unique way to be upright in labour. The postures of squatting, kneeling, standing, knee and hand work hand in hand to ensure that the pelvis is loose and open for an easy positioning and birthing of the baby. There’s another benefit as well. Concentrating on the breathing, eases labour. Focusing on exhaling and relaxing and then inhaling again teaches your body to erase the tension and breathe in a relaxed manner during labour. Pilates is also a good exercise to opt for.
  • Consuming Dates
    There has been proof that women who ate 6 dates everyday for a stretch of 4 weeks before their delivery date have been likely to experience spontaneous labour, a very minor stage of labour and also experience a higher cervical dilation when admitted to the hospital. This was not the case with the women who didn’t consume dates for the mentioned time. So, eating dates is considered beneficial for easier labour.
  • Starting Kegels Exercise
    Kegels exercise is very easy to practice and it results in ample benefits! It’s done by contracting and then releasing the pelvic floor muscles. The easiest way to go for it is simply by imagining how you would hold up your urine. This exercise enables the body to strengthen the muscle that helps to push at the time of labour. One can start this exercise anytime during any stage of pregnancy. Simultaneously, post child birth continuing Kegels exercise will make the exhausted muscles stronger.
  • Taking Perineal Massage
    The obvious benefit of perineal massage is that it helps to stretch the tissue at the vaginal opening very gently. It is suggested that this massage minimizes a woman’s susceptibility to tearing whilst pushing the baby out of the womb. According to Paula Jaspar, who is a registered massage therapist, the perineum is composed of muscles, which takes ample time to become supple. She advises to start this massage very early. If a woman is 12 weeks pregnant, it’s the best time to start with perineal massages.
  • Drinking Red Raspberry Leaf Tea
    Drinking red raspberry leaf tea balances the hormones and also tones the uterus. The tea is packed with Vitamins A, B, C, and E and minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium. Raspberry tea has been useful in minimizing the labour duration and also the requirement of medical interventions, for instance the requirement of forceps, c-sections as well as vacuum births. Consuming 3 to 4 cups of raspberry tea daily right from the third trimester is considered to be helpful.

Pregnancy and child delivery demands huge amount of physical strength and mental agility from a woman. An easy labour is something that every woman would want to experience, keeping in mind there’s a list of other bodily changes that occurs during this time. These 5 useful techniques can ensure an easy labour.


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