Things To Look For In A Cord Blood Banking Agreement

Doing umbilical cord blood banking for your baby provides an assurance & a piece of mind. However just like any insurance it is imperative not to trust the words of a salesman, but to validate the assurance yourself. If you thinking of securing your new-born’s precious cord blood stem cells with a cord blood banking company, you should look into a number of aspects before zeroing down on a company. Apart from checking the company’s experience in terms of years in the business, Companies financial condition (as we are talking of a relationship which is 21 years and beyond), national & international accreditations and technology you should keep in mind is the agreement you sign with your cord blood banking service provider.

Afterall, it is the agreement that binds both the parties (you and your brand) throughout the tenure of the storage and thus a start of a long journey or a relationship begins.

In this article we provide you with a comprehensive guide with regards to the important aspects that your cord blood banking agreement should entitle:

Sample Processing and Preservation

While taking the cord blood banking presentation, whatever quality standards was committed with regard to the collection of the cord blood should be specifically mentioned in the agreement. The technology that is being used to process of the cord blood should be clearly mentioned. If the Company is providing advanced technology which will have minimal or no human intervention, as this will help in retaining the maximum viability and potency of stem cells should be considered. Ensure that this is categorically mentioned in your agreement.

Who Remains the Custodian Of The Stem Cells and Till When

Generally, the mother will get the right of the baby’s stem cells until the baby turns major. After which, the right of the stem cells will be transferred in the baby’s name.

Journey of Your Sample From Storage Center to Transplantation Center

In case there is a requirement for transplantation, the retrieval and transportation of stem cells is an expensive affair. It is always desired that the company should take complete responsibility of the transportation of the stem cells. The liability of the company should end only once the transplant center or the doctor confirms that the stem cells which is delivered is good enough for transplant. Additionally, the duration within which the sample should reach the transplantation center (domestic and international) should also be specified in the agreement.

If the stem cells lose its potency when it is checked at the transplant center, then the company should be liable and committed to provide an alternative matched sample within the agreed timeframe. Inability to procure the same should claim for compensation.

Financial Expenses For Transplant Programme Should Be Covered

Any transplantation cost, is a significant burden on parents. Ensure that, the agreement not only mentions that the treatment cost is covered but the cord blood banking agreement should clearly specify the name of the insurance provider. 

Diseases Covered

Please read the insurance clause minutely to find out what are the diseases which are covered in the insurance. We are doing cord blood banking because the treatment options for stem cells is growing day by day. The diseases/ conditions which are currently under research/ clinical trials may become a reality tomorrow. So the gamut of conditions under financial assistance should cover most of the treatments under clinical trials and not only the diseases which are currently approved. 

Members Covered

Agreement should also clearly define the members of family who would be covered for getting the benefits. 

Add On Services Are Always a Plus

A cord blood company offering services like HLA Typing and CFU Assay, Expansion of Umbilical cord blood, provision of Supplementary sample or additional matching or bonus unit are beneficial for parents and should be clearly documented in the agreement. 

Schedule of Fees

You agree to pay the fees and charges set forth on the Schedule of Fees attached within the agreement.

Feasibility of Assurance

We have to be judicious enough to understand the feasibility of the value-added services offered. None of the private cord blood banks across the world are Ngo’s. all of them are here to make profits. Ask for the feasibility & logic for services which does not look logical or practical. 


Please refrain from choosing the company which commits you to provide change of clauses or adds new clause’s/ benefits through an addendum. Such kind of addendums may not hold good in the court of law, as the “Authorized Signatory” cannot change for the addendum. 

Cordlife agreement covers these and even more vital points. We pride ourselves in having one of the transparent agreements in the Cord blood banking industry and honoring each and every clause that is mentioned in the Cordlife agreement. Therefore as parents before you zero down on the cord blood banking company whom you will entrust to secure your baby’s precious stem cells for more than two decades, we tell you why Cordlife, a brand known for its premium-ness should be your first and only choice.