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Some Surprising Pregnancy Facts

Throughout the course of your pregnancy, you realise the kind of changes your body is able to make to accommodate a baby for nine months. While weight gain, changed gait and swollen legs and feet are par for the course, there are some other surprising changes in your body that you are hardly aware of.

There are some unknown facts about pregnancy such as:

* Your uterus swells to the size of a watermelon and can hold a pint of water apart from your baby. At rest, your uterus is as large as a pear.

* Your body grows a new organ during pregnancy – the placenta. It is a crucial organ that passes on oxygen and nutrition from you to your baby, while helping to eliminate your baby’s wastes.

* Your entire body has the capacity to swell up. Fluid retention in any part of the body is known as oedema. It occurs most commonly in the ankles and feet, and can be alleviated by drinking lot of water and keeping the feet elevated while sleeping. Fluid retention is a normal by-product of pregnancy but it can be alleviated by keeping active and drinking a lot of water and fresh fruit juice.

* Your skin suffers but your hair looks great. Your skin might become drier, prone to acne and fine lines during your pregnancy. You may need to stock up on moisturisers and anti-stretch mark cream so that you won’t show stretch marks on your abdomen and thighs after the birth. Meanwhile, you will notice a lustrous shine in your hair. This is because of the higher amounts of oestrogen in your system.

* Pass up green tea to urinate less. Green tea is a diuretic. While it helps to flush out the toxins from the system and keeps the kidneys clear, it also makes you urinate much more. Instead, tank up on fresh fruit juice and room temperature water to get your daily fluid intake.

* Your baby eats your food before you do. This is why doctors recommend a larger intake of food during pregnancy. Since the baby receives nutrients before you do, you might receive a lower share of essential vitamins and minerals. Hence, start each day with a glass of orange juice, which helps in absorption of nutrients. You can also eat iron-fortified cereal for breakfast.

* Take extra care of your teeth. Pregnancy often causes soreness in the gums or even gingivitis. This can cause bleeding in the gums and even lead to tooth loss for already loose teeth. Change your usual toothbrush for a soft variant and use toothpaste for sensitive teeth during this time.

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