Stem cells treating patients with autism

Stem Cells Treating Patients with Autism

Autism is a type of developmental disorder which includes disability in interaction and development of language. It is detected in the children at an early age and is persisted towards adulthood. However, it mainly affects the ability to communicate and to interact with others. Doctors mostly diagnose autism on the basis of social communication and repetitive behaviours of autism patients. In addition, they assess the severity of the symptoms. The level of severity of autism shows the extent of support the person with autism will need.

According to a report of the CDC, it has been determined that 1 in 59 children has been diagnosed with autism1. Boys are 4 times more diagnosed with autism as compared to girls. The percentage is 1 in 37 boys and 1 in 151 of girls are diagnosed with autism

A person suffering from autism is different from other people of their age. They give more concentration upon certain things, did not make any eye contact and withdraw themselves from social activities. Their pattern of behaviour affects daily activities and they need a lot more support than normal people.

It had been seen in our previous blog of “Autologous Cord Blood Stem Cells – a Promise for Autism Spectrum Disorder” that there are no such medicines which can cure autism. However, stem cells that are stored at the time of birth can help in treating autism.

The Panama Stem Cell Institute is now providing stem cell therapies by the help of Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs)harvested from the Umbilical Cord (UC) tissue. The MSCs taken from the umbilical cord tissue can be safely transplanted into the patients without matching the HLA of the donor and recipient. The Panama Institute of stem cell therapy consisting of clinics and laboratory, each of them is licensed by Medical authorities of Panama and the regulations are maintained according to international standards.

Dr. Neil Riordan of the Panama Stem Cell Institute said that 47 patients with autism were selected for the clinical trials and most of them showed improvement in speech, behaviour, able to do their daily works and have improved awareness as well as social interaction. Researchers at the Panama Stem Cell Institute had successfully treated the patients suffering from autism.

If any child is suffering from autism then stem cells of their own or any siblings can treat the disease. Hence it is advisable for the parents that bank your baby’s stem cells today and it can help in curing diseases of your baby or any other family members including both the parents. For details information, you can check on our website or call at our toll-free number.


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