Tips for Second Pregnancy

Second Pregnancy: Prepare Yourself for the Second Child

Did you know on an average, 353,000 babies are born each day around the world? This figure has been estimated by the UNICEF on the basis of birth rate recorded over 2013 and it could fall short of the actual figure considering not all births are registered! A baby’s birth can be overwhelming, surprising, terrifying, and many more things, sometimes more so if it is your second child.  Second pregnancy experiences are distinctly different from the first one because you have another kid to take care of, probably a toddler.

4 Useful Tips for the Second Time Around

Do not take anything for granted and do not be surprised if you have completely different symptoms from the first time. Your second pregnancy is likely to be a little different from your first, says Shari Brasner, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, to Women’s Health Magazine. You must prepare yourself, your home and most importantly your toddler for your second child


Due to the fact that you are probably busy with your toddler and family, you might not be able to give enough emphasis on your health the second time around. Make a conscious effort to eat healthy and build in a suitable exercise regimen into your routine. If you have been frequenting the gym before conceiving, you should consult your doctor about which exercises to continue with through your term. Do not start with new exercise routines at this time. Yoga during pregnancy and walking do the trick adequately. Also, make sure to take prenatal vitamins and other essentials prescribed by your doctor. You must also take extra care of your health if you had complications in your first pregnancy.

Preparing Your Toddler For a Sibling

A surprise addition to the family may not be a very good idea for your toddler especially when your newborn is going to need your attention all the time. You should prepare him/her gradually. Also spend some time telling stories about your toddler’s birth to him so he can relate when his sibling arrives. Keep him involved in your second pregnancy by letting him pick items for the baby or by preparing a gift with your toddler for the newborn. This will make him feel important.


Prepare yourself for a sudden surge in financial needs when your baby arrives. Chances are every single thing will cost you more than they did the first time.  Also keep emergency fund to be used during delivery if need be.

Arrange Care for Your Toddler During Delivery

– You will probably be unavailable to your toddler for a minimum of 24 to 48 hours during childbirth. Arrange someone close to take care of him/her in the meanwhile. If a family member is unavailable to babysit, you could drop him off at a nursery or daycare and then go to pick him up as a family.

Consider cord blood banking in your second pregnancy, more so if you haven’t gone through with it for your first born. Stem cell therapy can not only save your newborn’s life in future but also his sibling’s.

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