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Questions You Might Have About Baby Stem Cell Storage

Today, more and more parents-to-be are recognizing the benefits of cord blood banking and are opting for stem cell banking for their newborns. However, there still are many who have heard of newborn baby stem cell storage but are not aware of the right questions that they should ask regarding cord blood banking. For those who are contemplating newborn stem cell banking, here is a list of questions that you must find answers to before making a decision.

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What is Newborn Cord Blood Banking?

Stem cell storage is the process of collecting and preserving stem cells from umbilical cord blood. The blood is collected from the umbilical cord soon after birth and then sent to a cord blood bank for baby stem cell storage. The process of baby stem cell collection is painless and harmless to the mother and child. Stem cells can cure more than 80+ diseases including various genetic disorders, cancers, autoimmune diseases, and even neurological diseases. 

What Are the Benefits of Stem Cell Banking?

Stem cell therapy is emerging as the most effective treatment against more than 80 diseases including type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. Umbilical cord blood stem cells are found to be more effective than stem cells collected from bone marrow. Therefore, if you have a history of genetic diseases in your family, then you must preserve your baby’s stem cells. Newborn cord blood banking can protect not only your child and other children but also other members of the immediate family.

Do I Need to Store the Stem Cell of All My Children?

The cord blood collected from one of your children can match the other child. However, the chances of matching are 1 in 4. Therefore, to ensure smooth matching of stem cells it is ideally recommended that you preserve the stem cells of all your children.

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What Should I Look For While Selecting a Cord Blood Bank?

Newborn stem cell banking is an important decision. You should entrust your baby’s cord blood to a reliable and trustworthy bank. Things to consider while selecting a cord blood bank include:

  • Good reputation: Always select a bank that is known for its services and is financially stable to take care of the cord blood stem cells for a longer period. 
  • The technology used: Select a bank that has advanced laboratories that use enhanced modern technology to operate. A state-of-the-art laboratory will ensure that your baby’s stem cells are in safe hands for a quarter of a century.
  • Accreditation: The bank should have all the government clearances and accreditations. This would guarantee that the stem cells will not go wasted.
  • The bank’s collection kit: The stem cell bank that you are selecting should have a proper collection and transportation kit to ensure the safe collection and transportation of the newborn stem cell.

Should I Go For a Public or Private Cord Blood Bank?

In a private bank, you will have full access to your baby’s stem cells as and when you need them. Whereas in a public bank, anyone can use stem cells. In addition, your baby’s stem cells may also be used for research purposes.

Hope all your questions regarding cord blood banking and stem cell preservation benefits are answered. Now use this knowledge and your research to make an informed decision.

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