heart attacks during pregnancy

Pregnant Women Are Having Heart Attacks, But Why?

During Pregnancy, there is a high chance that the you might incur several stressful situations that will put an adverse effect on the baby inside the womb. Taking stress during Pregnancy can also cause several health problems for the mother as well as the child. There is a high chance of experiencing a heart attack during Pregnancy due to overstressing of the to-be mother’s mind. Even if you are not suffering from any heart problems, heart attacks can still happen.

Here, you will know about some of the risk factors that can cause adverse health effects to the pregnant mother and the child.

Factors That Aggregates the Risk of a Heart Attack During Pregnancy

Some of the significant factors that contribute to the collective demise of the health conditions are:


It is a situation that arises during the pregnancy due to high blood pressure and an increased count of protein content in urine. It is the prior condition before the mother incorporates Eclampisa that can result in coma, seizures, and even death for the worst conditions.

Gestational Diabetes

This is quite common in the pregnant ladies until the kid is born, but it adds an enhanced risk of getting from diabetes later in life. A practical survey of around 20-years-long states, that over 898 women between ages 18 and 30 are most likely to experience Gestational diabetes during their pregnancy.

Narrow Arteries

The carotid arteries supply blood to the brain through the nerves on the backside of the neck. Taking much stress can weaken the nerves to affect the transmission of blood through these nerves and also dilate the blood vessels. The restriction of blood flow in the body due to narrow arteries can cause a severe risk of a heart attack.

Coronary Dissection

In this condition, the arterial walls are separated due to the blockage of blood flow. It is noticed in a very rare scenario among pregnant women but still is one of the significant issues that can lead to heart attack of a pregnant woman.

Heart Rhythm Deficiency

Putting unnecessary stress on the heart during Pregnancy will alter the heart’s rhythm of beating and can cause severe attacks. It is most likely observed in pregnant women, so avoiding stress must be mandatory at all costs.

Heart Failure

Due to stress, the high volume of blood dispensed to the heart can lead to a permanent heart cardiac failure causing death of the pregnant women. Even if not a heart failure, it will weaken the heart muscles that will lead to worse effects in the future.

Who Are More Prone to Attacks?

The ladies who plan on having a baby between the age of 35 and 39 are most likely to experience heart attacks. A recent survey states that over 1061 cases are lodged of a heart attack during labor pain. Pregnancy and childbirth are combined with metabolic stress that aggregates the cardiovascular diseases.

How to Prevent a Heart Attack!

Eat green vegetables, nuts, beans, and other dairy products to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Stay away from stress as far as possible to prevent triggering adverse conditions. Exercise lightly on a daily routine which will also help keep your heart healthy.

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