26th weeks of pregnancy

A Peek Into The Development Of The Fetus During 26th Week Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be quite confusing for any woman. Time over time, there is a high chance of experiencing changes in the body as a woman inches towards the third trimester of pregnancy. The only solution to it is to get enough rest and keep yourself energized to avoid waking up in the morning bloated, fatigued, and drained. Closely monitor the changes in your body to pamper it with the right treatment it deserves in the 26th week of pregnancy.

How Does the Baby Look?

The 26th week of pregnancy is the golden period for a baby as the eyes were shut until this week. In the following week, at some point in time, the baby will open eyes for the first time. The baby will only blink the eyes and rest after frequent intervals. The color of the baby also starts to change during this period. Then the baby starts gaining weight and develops more during the leftover months of pregnancy.

Weight and Size

At the 26th week of pregnancy, the size of the baby is similar to that of beetroot, and the length measurements are approximately 35.6 cm. The weight of the baby is around 907 grams. At this point, the uterus becomes tight for the baby, and you can feel the stretches and kicks of the baby.

Is It Developed Yet?

The 26th week is the time when the baby positions itself for birth. At this point, the blood cells of the baby are fully functional. All the essential blood cells are now grown inside the foetus, and they are playing their role in maintaining the health of the baby.

The lungs of the baby are not yet fully functional in the 26th week. So, in case you experience premature labor, then your baby is most likely to suffer from breathing problems, but it can be cured without complications. But, it is the type of situation that every mother must avoid as the baby needs more time to grow inside the womb to come out healthy and fit.

What to Eat?

From this week onwards, make sure you keep your diet strict, avoiding the snacks or sweets to maintain a good appetite. Eliminate fat-rich foods and prefer only lean meats to give essential nutrition to the baby. The dietary supplements play a significant role in the development of the blood vessels that feed the foetus. For an excellent umbilical cord and placenta, go for green vegetables and lean meats.

Should There Be Any Lifestyle Changes?

Contact your doctor, if you are experiencing pain during your sleep or while performing other activities to get the right knowledge about the lifestyle you must adapt. Your doctor can give you the right advice to get rid of or at least handle the knee and joint pains during this point of pregnancy.

Drink enough water to fulfill the needs of amniotic fluid for the baby. It will also help you prevent constipation or fatigue during this time. Do not overdrink water but just enough whenever thirsty.

Enjoy your babymoon during the 26th week to make beautiful memories for a lifetime before you give birth to a beautiful baby.

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