Study shows reduction in memory decline, seizures by blocking spike in stem cell growth after brain injury

There are about 2 million Americans who suffer from Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) annually. The severity of the trauma may differ from patient to patient but leads to a wide range of motor, behavioral, cognitive as well as intellectual disabilities in the patients. These disabilities may be long term or short term. TBI is a […]

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Attractive new regenerative medicine tool uses magnets to shape and stimulate stem cells


How would it have been if we could develop embryoid bodies (EBs) from individual embryonic stem cells (ESCs) using technology? This could give birth to the development of the regenerative medicines and other therapies, which does not require an external supporting matrix as needed by the traditional regenerative technology to create a coordinated assembly. All […]

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An unexpected link: immune cells send muscle injury signal to activate stem cell regeneration


A recent study by the Stanford research team has concluded that the immune cells send muscle injury signal to activate stem cell regeneration. Immune cells activate cells for muscle regeneration and repair which will aid in treating muscle disorders. Studies indicate that a gene Adamts 1 gets switched on in the satellite cells. This is […]

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