Banking a baby’s cord blood may save their life. Is it worth it?

Banking Cord Blood

Amidst all the other do’s and don’ts, expecting parents have yet another decision to ponder on! That of cord blood banking. Keeping in mind the innumerable success stories that are circling round the globe, of how sibling’s cord blood stem cell has saved her elder or younger sister’s life to miraculous recovery within the family, […]

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Stem cell agency funds Phase 3 clinical trial for Lou Gehrig’s disease


A neurodegenerative disease when occurred leads us to a series of complications all together. The occurrence of this devastating disease exposes us to dysarthria – a condition in which we cannot speak properly, dyspnea- a distress in breathing, and also dysphagia, which deteriorates our ability to swallow easily. It is rapidly characterized by an intense […]

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How mice and zebrafish are unlocking clues to repairing damaged hearts?

Mice & Zebrafish

Unexpected that unassuming mice and zebrafish can help repair damaged hearts, a new study has revealed. The zebrafish has the ability to stitch its severed spine again and the mouse has a substance surrounding its hearts that can patch up the injured or broken heart. The researchers injected the extracellular matrix of the zebrafish into […]

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