Clever technique uncovers role of stem cells in cartilage repair


Over 50 million people suffer from arthritis in USA alone. Arthritis is a common enough disease among the elderly, which makes it difficult to even undertake the basic chores like holding a spoon, eating, and walking. Arthritis degrades the cartilage between the bone joints making it a painful and debilitating condition. Over time the body […]

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CIRM-funded scientists discover a new way to make stem cells using antibodies


We know how antibodies perform in our body to restrict the foreign invasions, so that we can protect ourselves from various illnesses caused by viruses and bacteria. Other than these usual physiological activities, they are found to have lent their hands in the development of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells by using external parameters. This, we […]

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Study shows reduction in memory decline, seizures by blocking spike in stem cell growth after brain injury

There are about 2 million Americans who suffer from Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) annually. The severity of the trauma may differ from patient to patient but leads to a wide range of motor, behavioral, cognitive as well as intellectual disabilities in the patients. These disabilities may be long term or short term. TBI is a […]

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