Week 15 – Marching Through the Fourth month of Pregnancy

To the entire mom-to-be, in the fifteenth week, you are still in the fourth month of your pregnancy. This is the time when your little one starts preparing for its survival in the outer world. If you are doing any regular activities such as swimming, yoga, etc. Then you can continue with all those activities until your doctor gives any specific advice to you. During this time at your medical visit, your doctor might discuss with you about your diet.

How Big is Your Baby?

Your baby weighs about 2.27 kilograms and 4-5 inches long as per American pregnancy association. They have started to grow a layer of a fine hair-like structure known as lanugo. This layer will help the baby to keep warm until the development of the subcutaneous layer of fat. They can now feel the light and starts to develop the skills of sucking and swallowing.

Interesting Facts – At this stage, baby may change position as often as 20 times each hour also Baby’s heartbeat may be able to be heard through a specialized hand-held stethoscope called a fetoscope now.

Your pregnancy symptoms in week 15

Any morning sickness and tiredness may have lifted by now so this is a good time to become more active. Swimming, pregnancy yoga, walking or just staying on your feet as much as possible during your normal daily activities will all build your strength for the birth and afterwards. Find out more about pregnancy exercise and Yoga activity in pregnancy.

Changes in Your Body

You may notice some changes in your body during this stage of pregnancy. One of them is the Dark Line appearing from below the chest towards the end of your bump. This tagline is known as Linea nigra and all of the women develop it in their pregnancy. Do not worry about this line as it will fade after the birth of your baby.

You may feel that while doing any kind of work you are getting tired and it is becoming difficult to breathe. This is due to the expansion of uterus which is leading to less space for the lungs to expand causing shortness of breath.

During this time, you might feel that your gums are a bit swollen. This is caused due to the increase in blood flow in the body. At this point, you must take extra care of them. You must brush your teeth very slowly, gently do the floss and visit your dentist for a regular checkup.

Tips for this Week

At your prenatal checkup, the doctor will measure the height of fundus that the distance from the uterus to the pubic bone. This will help you to know the growth of your baby. At this time, you must practice your sleeping position. The Best position to sleep during pregnancy is on your left side. Pregnancy pillow on your side to give support your entire body. Advisable for your partner to provide foot or back massage just for going to the bed. It will provide you relaxation and you can sleep very easily.