include your partner in preganancy

Learn How To Include Your Partner In The Pregnancy

As a mother, you share an intimate bond with your baby. Even when your baby is in the uterus, you can feel his or her heartbeat. Your partner, on the other hand, can only watch from the sidelines. While he may provide support, he may feel like a passive spectator. To make the process more inclusive for your partner, you can adopt some of the strategies explored in this article. Just because your partner is not experiencing the pregnancy physically doesn’t mean he cannot be as emotionally invested as you.

Here are some ways you can include him in the process:

Visit the Doctor Together

Visiting the doctor together is a great way to share the pregnancy experience. Your partner will know what to expect, which will make him just as excited as you. Your partner will get a clearer picture at the doctor visits while listening to the child’s heartbeat during the ultrasounds. This will also double as an opportunity for him to clear his doubts.

Take a Parenting Class Together

As new parents, you are part of a team. So, taking a class together is highly recommended. Choose a class you are both comfortable with and have fun. Remember, parenting is not just about serious stuff. Sharing a laugh or two can help both of you enjoy the experience a lot more. If your partner wants to assist you during labour, then a class that teaches birthing methods is a must.

Bond Over Baby Names

Another fun activity is choosing baby names. To take the fun factor up a notch, you can turn this into a game. Choose an alphabet and then list down all the names that start with that particular alphabet. Then compare your lists. After that, both of you can collaborate and shortlist the names you like the most.

Work on a Baby Plan Together

Depending on your preferences, chalk out a baby plan. This can include whether you prefer a home birth or a C-section. Planning out the details with your partner can be beneficial for both of you. It will give your partner a clearer understanding of what you want. That way, he can make life easier for you during labour.

Design the Baby Nursery

Nothing brings partners together more than working on a pet project. In this case, both of you can brainstorm and come up with interesting themes for the nursery. You can discuss which colors to choose or which superhero will adorn the walls. If done right, the nursery will be a blend of both your personalities. While it may sound inconsequential, but exercises such as these will help your partner feel included. Plus, painting walls becomes a lot less boring if you have a partner. 

Parenting is a team effort. At first, your partner may not fully comprehend the changes you are going through. Regardless of whether he understands or not, you need to involve him. The trick is to be patient and work on a strategy together as partners. The whole point behind doing activities together is that you learn more about your partner and your partner learns more about you. Besides, pregnancy need not be a solitary affair. By involving your partner, you are paving the way for a partnership that will make parenting an adventure. Go ahead, hi-five your partner and figure out a plan that will benefit both of you.

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