Keeping the Romance Alive After the Baby Arrives

The first few months of parenthood, especially for first time parents is a learning experience. Sharing a home and room with their baby is a process that new parents slowly have to adapt to. Additionally, normal workload like doing laundry, reading books, doctor visits also multiplies. Your baby in the midst of this lifestyle transformation also seeks constant attention. Night-times are occupied with multiple feedings and mornings start very early indeed.

So a common question that finds its way forward is, how couples adjust to these new demands whilst still trying to find time to nurture their personal romantic bond with a baby around?

Here are some tips to rekindle that romantic light into the relationship.

Make a date and stick to it

You were probably on tremendously demanding schedules prior to the baby’s arrival. With the new addition to the family, most couples tend to take turns towards napping, cleaning and looking after the little one. This basically implies that any personal bonding time is sacrificed to meet the needs of your baby.

Hence, you need to actively work towards spending some quality time with your partner. This positive habit will have great paybacks for you, your partner and your child. Begin with a straightforward coffee date at a local café, not far from home, on weekends when you can find a grandparent, a close relative or a nanny to look after your little one. Your date can progress into dinner or a movie in due course of time, when you’re able to leave your child for a couple of hours. If there’s no one to fill in for you at home, plan a special dinner at home once a week. Take turns to cook and set a beautiful table. The thought is to make private time with your partner a consistent occasion, one that is prioritized and doesn’t get bumped aside.

Show your affection

Do you remember those meaningless phones calls to each other, just to say, “hi?” Just because you have a baby in the picture, does not mean any of these previous loving touches in the relationship has to stop.

Why not do something unexpected and loving for your partner? Leave a love note on the bathroom mirror or hide a favourite treat in her handbag. Whilst these small things may not need a lot of time, it definitely shows your partner that you still love and care.

Communication is key

“One thing that needs to be stressed here is the importance of working on your relationship. Physical intimacy is very important, but an emotional connection is just as important. It takes work to keep your relationship together before the baby arrives, but it takes even more work after the baby arrives. I think people forget that. As mothers, it’s easy for us to get wrapped up in all things having to do with the new baby. It’s also easy for your partner (especially if he’s not had any experience in this area) to be disillusioned about pregnancy and the postpartum stages. Communication is key.”

Ensuring that your romance does not fade away with the arrival of your little one is not impossible. After all, where do you think the next one is going to come from?

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