flu in babies

Keep Cold & Flu Away From Infants

Your child getting the flu is almost inevitable, but it’s important to keep these viruses away when they are infants. Their immune systems are still developing, making them highly susceptible to the 200+ different viruses that can cause the cold. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to prevent your child from getting sick with the flu.

The First Two Months Are Crucial

This is the time when your baby hasn’t received all their vaccines, and hence you need to be more careful.

Make Washing Hands Mandatory

Germs can get transferred to your baby when you carry them, pull their cheeks, touch their face, or hold their hands. That’s why anyone who interacts with your baby must wash their hands first. Even when visitors come to see your baby, you should insist that they wash their hands first.

Keep a Sanitizer Handy

If it’s not possible to wash your hands with soap and water, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer instead. This too will cut down on the germs your child comes in contact with. Use a hand sanitizer, especially when you’re in public places. Germs are known to stay on shopping carts for up to 5 hours, so it’s best you wipe it before using it, or sanitize your hands immediately after using it.

Avoid Public Places

If your baby is below two months, you should avoid crowded places like malls or grocery stores. If your baby is older than two months, you can keep your baby in a stroller that’s covered with a thin cloth or blanket.

Keep Sick People Away

You must keep any sick person away from your baby. This could even be your partner, parents or in-laws. Don’t make any exceptions when it comes to the health of your baby.


Breastmilk contains antibodies that will build your child’s immune system and hence protects them from getting sick. While breastfed babies can also get sick, it will ensure that they don’t sick as often, since their immunity is being developed. However, if you’re unable to breastfeed your baby for any reason, don’t worry. Consult your pediatrician about which formula milk would be best.

Get Vaccinated

Your baby will receive the flu vaccine only once they’re six months. Hence, you and anyone else who frequently interacts with your baby must get vaccinated instead. In the meantime, ensure that your baby is getting all their scheduled vaccines.

Know when To Call The Pediatrician

You don’t need to visit the pediatrician every time your baby gets sick, but it’s important to know when it’s severe enough to consult your pediatrician. If your baby gets a fever higher than 100.3 degrees Fahrenheit, you can seek medical advice from a pediatrician. While it’s true that exposure to germs will help build your baby’s immune system, deliberately exposing your child to germs is not a wise idea. Hence, it’s important to do your best to keep them away from germs.

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