Home Remedies for Gas in Babies

Babies pass gas a multiple time on a daily basis and this is very common as well. It has been noted that babies pass gas 15-30 times in a day and this is no surprise because we keep feeding them the entire day. Gas may sometime cause discomforts for babies when its build-up in the stomach. In this article we will let you know how can you treat gas in your babies and prevent them from long stress.

How gas forms?

Before tackling the problem let us understand what causes it. Whenever baby’s intake protein, fats in the form of breast milk or some other formula that you feed them, gas occurs as a by-product of digestion. Since gases are buoyant in nature, they pass away by making some pressure through the digestive tract but when the amount of gas is comparatively large it gets trapped and while release it creates excess pressure which results into the pain in the abdominal region. Below we have mentioned certain reasons of gas build-up:

  • While feeding excess air is swallowed.
  • Excess crying can also cause excess air intake which may result in the gas build-up.
  • Bacterial flow in the intestine can also cause gas build-up.
  • If the mother is eating gas in causing foods like coffee, nuts, ghee and so o then breast milk can cause gas build-up in babies.
  • Overfeeding

If your baby is crying sharply and frantically you can relate it to the gas problem. Baby’s don’t have a lot of mediums to communicate hence you have to become a good observer. If the baby is pulling legs and grunting its chest then these are some symptoms of the gas problem.

Home-remedies to tackle the gas problem –

You can follow certain home-remedies to treat the gas problem in infants;

1.Feeding position: Feeding position must be accurate if you want to prevent gas build-up in babies. While breastfeeding you must keep baby’s head at a certain angle that they are above stomach region. In this position, the milk will go down to the stomach and the air will come up. While bottle-feeding ensure that the angle is placed such that air does not accumulate near nipple area.

2.Feed and Burp rule: Take 5 minutes break while feeding babies and give them a gentle tap on the back, this will help them to settle the milk and they will burp which will cause the excess gas to bubble up.

3.Massage: Give your baby a tummy massage as this will prevent gas build-up. You can do this by laying them on their back and rubbing their tummy in a clockwise direction. This will enhance the gas movement through the intestine. Massage using the warm mustard oil can prove to be extra helpful in reducing the gas problem in babies.

4. Prevent crying: Excess crying is also one of the major reasons for gas build-up in babies. You need to prevent the baby from crying. If the baby is crying introduce some distractions in order to stop the crying as soon as possible.

5.Yogurt: Yogurt is helpful for intestinal flora and this also helps in reducing the gas build-up problem in babies.

6.Gripe water: A mixture of water, sodium bicarbonate, sugar and dill oil help to reduce the gas problem in babies within 5 minutes.

7. Prevent overfeeding: Overfeeding also causes gas build-up hence you should avoid that as well. While parenting, you should understand your baby’s requirement and feed them accordingly.

8.Simethicone: You can use this drug for relieving babies from gas problems. Though you must always consult with a pediatrician before giving this to your baby.

Prevention –

Gas prevention in babies is always better than cure. Avoid feeding them those foods which cause gas accumulation. The mother should also avoid eating foods that will result in discomforts in babies through breastfeeding.

 When to see a doctor?

If your baby is suffering from gas problem then you can try above-mentioned home remedies. In case if the above methods are not working and the baby is continuously crying for hours then you should consult a doctor. If the baby is developing some symptoms of fever or vomiting then also you can call a doctor. In case if the baby is not eating anything due to gas then it is better to consult a doctor at earliest.


Final words-

Your baby can’t speak and you have to become a good observer so that you can gauge the symptoms. The gas build-up is a very common problem and you need to follow certain home remedies to treat them.

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