C-section Scars

Frequently Asked Questions About C-section Scars

As a mommy-to-be, your goal is to ensure that your baby arrives into this world happy and healthy. However, if your bundle of joy needs a little assistance to enter the world, then a C-section delivery might be the safest way. C-section is a commonly carried out procedure for delivery around the world.

Still, you may have your set of questions about this procedure, and we’ll try to answer them all here.

Q1. What is a C-section?

Ans. C-section or cesarean section is a common surgical procedure where you deliver the baby through an incision made in your abdomen and uterus. The cut is usually around 4 to 6 inches long, just big enough for your baby’s head to fit. The surgeon may perform a vertical cut (classical) or horizontal (bikini) one depending on your baby’s position.

Q2. What is Used to Close the Wound?

Ans. Different materials can be used to close the cut, namely:

  • Staples – This is an easy and fast method where the doctor will use a surgical stapler to close the cut.
  • Stitches – Most stitches these days are of dissolvable variety. This means that they will gradually dissolve once the wound heals and you won’t have to go back for stitch removal.
  • Steri-strips – These are specialized tapes or thin adhesive tapes used instead of stitches to seal the cut.
  • Surgical glue – Your surgeon may also use surgical glue to cover the wound. This glue peels off on its own once the cut is healed.

Q3. What are the Types of Scars?

Ans. Sometimes it so happens that your c-section scar doesn’t heal properly, causing a bulge or discoloration in the area. These are mainly two types:

  • Keloid – A scar that appears lumpy and irregular, growing over and beyond the original incision line.
  • Hypertrophic – A firmer, thicker scar that looks swollen and raised above the original scar. However, it does not extend beyond the original incision line.

Q4. How Long Does It Take to Heal?

Ans. Ideally, it takes about 6 weeks for the C-section incision scar to heal completely. However, this varies from mom to mom. If you don’t take proper care or lack the necessary nutrients in your body to help heal, then it may even take longer.

Q5. What Care Needs To Be Taken?

Ans. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Keep the incision area clean and dry. Use warm water and a soft towel to wipe the area around the scar every day. Do not scrub.
  2. Use a heating pad on your abdomen area to accelerate healing and reduce pain.
  3. Wear loose clothing. Keep it airy to allow speedy healing of the scar.
  4. Don’t do vigorous exercises that require stretching and lifting. It can cause the incisions to open and get infected.
  5. Follow your doctor’s advice carefully. Make sure you don’t miss an appointment and take all the prescribed medications.

Q6. Is It Normal For the Scar To Be Itchy or Numb?

Ans. Yes. Itching is very common after any surgery. Avoid scratching the area and use an ice pack instead. Many mommies experience numbness or tingling sensation near the scar, and it goes away gradually.

Q8. When Should I See My Doctor?

Ans. If you experience increased pain, redness, swelling, fever over 100.4oF, oozing near the incision area, foul smell, or if the incision opens up then you must immediately consult your doctor.

So, don’t worry. Your scar will eventually fade and resemble nothing more than a faint line on your skin.

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