Are Exercises During Pregnancy Good For You and Your Baby?

Pregnancy is a life-altering journey. As the baby grows and changes through every stage of your pregnancy, you also undergo a lot of changes. For instance, while you’re in your early stage of pregnancy, you might be struggling to keep your food in your stomach, during the second, you might find it very difficult to deal with your fast-changing body weight. But, as you move towards your due date, you might be visiting the bathroom, several times a day, thus making you feel tired.

But to help you sail through all your pregnancy challenges, your doctor might suggest you with just a little bit of activity, either during the day or maybe in the evening.

That means exercise during pregnancy is beneficial both for you and your baby’s health inside your womb in a lot of ways.  

Exercising while pregnant

How Is Exercising During Pregnancy Helping You?

Boosts the Mood

In the midst of all the happiness of welcoming the precious little in the family, it’s natural that the pregnancy hormones can leave you anxious, and stressed out. Studies have claimed that, 1 out of every two women, undergo pregnancy depression or anxiety. Studies have also indicated that, by doing exercise during pregnancy, endorphin hormones are released and that helps in reducing the stress, anxiety and depression during pregnancy. You can for instance, use your breath to your advantage here. Yes! Breathing exercises during pregnancy can also be instrumental in keeping your stress-levels lower.

Reduces The Blood Pressure

It is normal for the blood pressure to shoot up, during your pregnancy. But the soaring blood pressure or pre-eclampsia, during pregnancy, can also be a warning sign for your heart and your baby, who’s on the way. Staying active – for instance, simply brisk walking can keep your blood pressure under control.

Reduces Back And Pelvic Pain

The growing baby in your womb, exerts a lot of pressure on the uterus and the latter half of your body, giving rise to pain at your back and the pelvic region. Performing some pelvic floor exercises during pregnancy, especially during the late pregnancy, can strengthen the muscles to cope up with the growing weight of the baby, inside the womb, thus reducing your pain.

Battles Pregnancy Fatigue

Your first trimester, accompanied with morning sickness and nausea, might leave you totally exhausted. In your third trimester, you might just experience a revival of these symptoms. According to Mayo Clinic, exercise during pregnancy can keep up your energy levels.

Improves Sleep

Sleep-deprivation is a common symptom during pregnancy. But, if you exercise continuously, you will automatically start getting adequate rest and sleep better.

Eases Constipation

If you’re active enough, your bowel movements will get encouraged and become easy.  

How Is Exercising During Pregnancy Helping Your Baby In Your Womb?

Reduces The Chances Of Gestational Diabetes

With untreated gestational diabetes, delivering your baby would become difficult for you. As your baby might be too large (also known as macrosomia). In fact, an emergency C-Section might be necessitated in such cases.

Keeps Weight Under Control

Staying active and having a balanced diet can keep your weight absolutely under control.

Keeps The Foetal Heart Fit

A higher foetal heart rate could be a sign of foetal distress. Therefore, it has been studied that regular exercise, while you’re expecting can keep the foetal heart rate within possible limits and healthy

To Conclude

Just begin with five minutes of activity every day, add five minutes each week till such time that you reach the 30 minutes. But the gym, downhill skiing, and horseback riding are a big No during pregnancy. Avoid these exercises during pregnancy to avoid falling.

Don’t forget to follow your doctor’s advice, when it comes to your staying fit, during pregnancy.