10 Benefits of Eating Makhana During Pregnancy

Makhana, also known as fox nuts and lotus seeds, are a popular snack in India. They are rich in protein and fibre and make a great addition to a well-balanced healthy diet. Are you wondering, “Can we eat makhana during pregnancy?” Well, the answer is yes. In fact, makhana benefits in pregnancy, making it one of the best snacking options as you await your little one.

Today, let us look at the 10 benefits of makhana in pregnancy:


Packed with calcium, iron, manganese, phosphorus, vitamins, amino acids, and more, makhana is good for pregnancy. You can include all these essential nutrients in your daily diet by just munching on a handful of makhana every day.     

Better Digestion

Digestive issues are common during pregnancy. While some women face constipation, others may suffer from loose stools. Taking phool makhana during pregnancy can strengthen your digestive system and reduce these problems. 

Better Sleep

Eating makhana during pregnancy can address one of the most common pregnancy-related issues—insomnia. Alkaloids present in lotus seeds have anti-anxiety effects and are known to promote sleep.

Healthy Bones

As a rich source of calcium, eating makhana daily can strengthen your bones, which is even more needed during pregnancy. It ensures that you do not fall prey to calcium deficiency during pregnancy as that can affect the baby’s development adversely.

Healthy Snack

Pregnancy is a time for untimely hunger pangs. Often, pregnant women give into their cravings and reach for snacks that are not quite healthy to assuage hunger. With a little box of roasted makhana in your bag, you can eliminate the unhealthy snacks and the hunger pangs at the same time. One of the top lotus seeds benefits for pregnancy is that it offers a healthy, fibre-rich, low-fat snack. It is a great alternative for diabetic women too.

Weight Control

You can put on a healthy weight during pregnancy but if you become overweight, you place an extra burden on your bones and muscles. To avoid putting on excess weight, you must cut down on calorie-rich foods. Makhana is zero cholesterol and does not have unhealthy saturated fat.  

Protein-rich Snack

It is important to consume enough protein during pregnancy to boost your baby’s growth and development. Makhana is loaded with high-quality essential amino acids. It has a perfect essential amino acids/total amino acid ratio as recommended by the World Health Organisation for an ideal protein source. Ain’t that a reason enough to have makhana for pregnancy?  

Energy Booster

With vitamins, zinc, potassium and other essential nutrients, makhana can give you a quick boost of energy in a healthy way. Often, during pregnancy, you end up feeling exhausted by end of the day. At these times, a handful of makhana can help you spring back into action.

Helps in Maintaining Blood Pressure

The magnesium and potassium in makhana ensure that your blood pressure remains steady and balanced during pregnancy. This is a good way to keep BP in line without having to resort to medications.

Beauty Benefits

While this may not be your priority right now, who can say no to beauty benefits if they come in a food item that offers so much goodness? Makhana is great for hydrating your skin. It acts as a moisturiser and keeps your skin looking young and supple.

How Much Is Too Much Makhana During Pregnancy?

Now that we have answered your question, “Is makhana good in pregnancy,” let us look at how much makhana is too much. If you experience any of the following problems after snacking on makhana, you probably need to control your portion.

  • Gas problems
  • Bloating
  • Constipation
  • Low blood sugar in women with sugar imbalances
  • Allergies in women with nut allergies


Eating a handful or two of makhana every day during pregnancy is optimum. While it will satiate your hunger pangs, it will give your body most of the nutrients it needs during pregnancy. However, if you have nut allergies, check with your doctor before you start eating lotus seeds. Makhana can be seasoned and eaten after light roasting but take care to avoid too much salt. If you like indulging in makhana kheer, balance the sugar levels. Makhana can be eaten roasted plain or added to your other foods. Eat the right amounts and avoid overconsumption to ensure that you enjoy all the makhana benefits in pregnancy to the fullest.