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Did I Really not Notice I was Pregnant?

If the first indicator that you were pregnant came via a missed period, relax. This happens to most women. However, some women feel that something has changed inside their bodies in the week of conceiving a baby. Of course, the more dramatic changes of pregnancy – swollen belly, changed gait, mood swings – occur much later. However, some early symptoms of pregnancy may manifest themselves a little before or with the first missed period.

For instance, you might feel a mild aversion to certain smells. This is because your sense of smell and taste are heightened after conception. You might feel that your perfume smells sharper than usual, but the aroma of certain fried food may make you nauseous. And though you might not feel the full-blown nausea of later weeks – known as ‘morning sickness’ – you might still experience mild dry retching in response to certain tastes and smells.

Then you might notice a change in your breasts. Your breasts may have become a little tender, which you will notice particularly when you wear a tight shirt or bra. This happens because of early hormonal changes and is completely normal. The feeling will subside in a few days.

If you feel yourself getting tired or extremely sleepy, it’s yet another early symptom of pregnancy. The body produces more progesterone hormones, which induce sleepiness in the woman. The progesterone levels soon normalise, and the feeling of fatigue disappears.

Of course, there is the biggest symptom of all – a missed period. Once this happens, you will suspect (or hope) that you are pregnant and take a urine pregnancy test. You will miss your period because the uterus has by now implanted a fertilised egg on to its wall, and the uterine lining is gearing up to prepare for your baby. Though a pregnancy test may indicate a positive pregnancy, it is better to get a confirmation from your gynaecologist.

Since your pregnancy is now confirmed, it is time to say congratulations!

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