Curing Cancer with Cord Blood Stem Cell Therapy

Lead Paragraph: Medical science in the recent past has made incredible progress with cutting edge technology, breath taking discoveries and innovations making patient treatment safe and increasing our longevity.One such explored research was and still is the therapeutic effects of stem cells in cancer. Can stem cells form new cells to replace the cancerous cells? Can stem cell therapy halt or at least delay the progress or spread of cancer? Is it really possible to cure cancer with stem cells? With the collaborative research and studies conducted by scientists and researchers from all around the world, treatment is being devised to eliminate this deadly disease. Doctors have now started to get a clear idea that regenerative medicine can be a possible cure to cancer and other deadly diseases. One of the rich sources of stem cells is cord blood.

Cancer treatment using the stem cell transplant

Stem cell transplants are commonly used to treat around 80+ disorders which include blood disorders like leukemia, metabolic and immunological disorders. Stem cells can be isolated from various sources like the peripheral blood, bone marrow, cord blood and even the adipose tissue. In addition to cancers, cord blood stem cells have shown positive results in treating disorders like cerebral palsy and autism which affect the motor functions and brain development often seen in small children.

Stem cells found in the cord blood are young and naïve. They can differentiate into any type of blood cell to replace the diseased cells.The hematopoietic stem cells isolated from the cord blood mainly make three different types of blood cells these are: red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.All three types of blood cells are necessary for us to stay alive, to fight with diseases and to keep our immunity system intact and strong.

Red blood cells (RBCs)

The main feature of RBCs is to carry oxygen and distribute it among all cells in the body. This transportation of oxygen is carried out from lungs to cells. After this RBCs bring carbon dioxide from the cells back to the lungs to be exhaled out.

White blood cells (WBCs)

The main purpose of white blood cell is to help fight infections caused by bacteria, fungi and Viruses.


Platelets are that help to seal damaged blood vessels and help to form blood to clot, which is of utmost importance in stopping bleeding. In healthy person normal platelet count is usually referred as in between 150,000/cubic mm and 450,000/cubic mm.

Understanding the latest breakthroughs in the world of medical science and stem cell is extremely important for us for saving our lives. Stem cell are very effective in treating cancer cells as we have already stated above. Keeping your own stem cell preserved is very important for fighting against deadly diseases.

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