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Cord Blood Collection – Some Frequently Asked Questions

Once you’ve decided to bank your baby’s stem cells, half your battle is won!

After all, the banking of your baby’s cord blood is a life-changing decision for you.

But, since this is about your trust with a piece of your baby, it’s natural for you to feel worried and have several questions in your mind about it.  

And the most important questions will be regarding cord blood collection.

baby's umbilical cord blood

Read on to find out the answers to your questions.  

How Is Cord Blood Collected?

You might have given birth to your baby vaginally or might have had an emergency C – section; once your baby and the placenta is delivered, the cord is disinfected and the vein is punctured to clamp and cut it a few inches apart. This is when the caregiver, inserts a needle into the cord and collects the blood left behind in the cord and the placenta in a sterile collection bag. However, there is an “ex utero” method of cord blood collection. That means, collection of the blood “outside the uterus”.  In this method, the technicians, actually wait till the placenta is delivered to drain the blood.

Do Babies Feel The Pain When Their Umbilical Cord Is Cut?

No. Rather, the whole process of umbilical cord blood collection is absolutely harmless and painless both for you and your baby, as it does not have nerves for you to get hurt.

Will You Have Any Role To Play In Cord Blood Collection?

Yes! You will only have to remember that, while signing the application with the cord blood bank, a cord blood collection kit was given to you. This kit has all the necessary materials to complete the process of collection of the cord blood. Don’t forget to carry that kit with you, and the information your doctor and the cord blood bank about it while you are about to go to the hospital for your baby’s delivery. As you may not be able to be in a condition to inform them, while you’re delivering your baby or after you’ve delivered your baby.

Why Is The Cord Blood Collected?

Research has shown that the cord blood is packed with enormous haematopoietic (blood-forming) stem cells, which has the capacity to differentiate itself into different blood cells, during a stem cell transplant. This self-renewing capacity of these stem cells have been instrumental in treating over 80 medical conditions, like cancer, thalassemia, sickle cell anaemia, thus making cord blood banking an important decision for expectant parents. Here’s is the reason why is the cord blood collected.

How Long Does It Take To Collect The Cord Blood?

The whole process of collection is carried out by some of the trained technicians and it takes only 5 minutes for the blood to get collected. Any amount of delay might reduce the quality of the cord blood. Therefore, immediately after the delivery of the baby, the medical courier collects the collection kit box, which is then properly labelled to send it to the bank for further processing and storage in the laboratory.

To Conclude

In fact, the cord blood banks consider that with proper storage and freezing method (in liquid nitrogen), your baby’s stem cells can be preserved for decades. Or maybe for an indefinite period of time so that, your baby and your extended family can use it for treatment at any time, even after two decades of its being stored, thus making cord blood storage an absolute worth.

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