How to Choose Baby Diapers

From his birth to the moment when he can finally do without it, the comfort of your baby largely depends on the diapers you choose.

Disposable or Washable Diapers?

Difficult to remove, disposable diapers are still used by a vast majority of parents. However, the new washable cloth diapers different from the previously used clothes, are experiencing an increase in usage. So should you use washable cloth diapers or disposable diapers?

Disposable Diapers

Synthetic disposable diapers continue to dominate the market, despite the competition. The main advantage of these disposable diapers, compared to washable diapers, is undoubtedly their practicality. Disposable diapers have been the subject of much criticism. First, the health argument: the chemicals used to make the diaper and give it absorbency penetrate the skin of the baby and can be irritating. They can also interact with other chemicals in your baby’s environment.

The biological argument is also becoming more important. To produce the cellulose that forms the basis of disposable diapers, billions of hectares of wood are cut each year. And the damage to the planet continues after use. Imagine that between 0 and 2 ½ years, your child will produce about a ton of dirty diapers.

To cope with criticism, leading diaper manufacturers have developed greener disposable diapers. They contain a minimum of 70% of natural materials and display the total absence of lotion, perfume, alcohol, dye. They also guarantee the layer which is in contact with the skin is fully non-chemical.

Less irritating, a little more respectful of the environment (especially with cellulose from sustainable wood sectors), they still produce as much waste as conventional disposable diapers and are a bit more expensive.

Washable Cloth Diapers

Born from the trend of natural mothering, washable diapers have experienced a real boom. They are more expensive to buy because you have to get at least a dozen to start. But they are more environmentally friendly and allow you to save money in the long run, if you think about the thousands of disposable diapers you would have to buy.

They are often criticized for their lack of effectiveness. But that ignores new brands that compete with a lot of ingenuity to keep your baby dry.

The washable cloth diaper consists of several parts:

  • The absorbent layer is the one you always wash. Most often made of organic cotton it can have several forms. You may find more practical the type similar to disposable diapers, which closes with snaps or are self-gripping. For greater absorption at night, you can add a liner.
  • A paper wrapper which protects the baby’s bottom. You will throw it in the toilet with the stool.
  • To ensure that everything fits in place protective panties are added.

If you opt for washable cloth diapers, prefer to do it from birth, because your baby might not appreciate the wet touch of the washable diaper if he is used to maximum absorption of a disposable. For washing add a disinfectant to prevent bacteria from developing at an age when your baby is susceptible to gastroenteritis.

It can be concluded that synthetic diapers are the best to be used for the baby. As they can be changed quickly and is also easier to travel with them. However, they are expensive considering your child will use about 6000. Cloth diapers are more messy and difficult to clean. It also means washing more laundry. It largely depends on a parent’s personal choice as to which one they should choose to use.

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