Provide Health Security by Saving Your Baby’s Cord Blood

The blood that remains during birth in the umbilical cord is called cord blood. This blood is normally discarded. However, cord blood bank uses amenities to store and preserve a baby’s cord blood. If you are considering to store the cord blood of your baby, be sure to use a cord blood bank accredited by the American Association […]

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Autologous Cord Blood Stem Cells – a Promise for Autism Spectrum Disorder

2nd April is recognized every year as the World Autism Awareness Day by United Nations in order to spread awareness about the disorder throughout the world. Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects the communication and behavior of the individual. This disorder may occur at any age, it is mostly diagnosed in […]

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Stem cell study holds out promise for kidney disease


Days of clinical research empower scientists to discover novel methods using stem cells to develop more humanlike tiny kidneys. This is something, which is not as new to us as we had enough of such research-based organ development for kidney impairments earlier as well. More the number of new methods to investigate etiologies of kidney […]

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Super-obese patient-derived iPSC Hypothlamic neurons exhibit obesogenic signatures and hormone responses

Hypothlamic neurons

Obesity is a growing concern for the upcoming generation, and it has been a leading health problem for people across the world for many years now. Most surprisingly, we did not have any potential therapeutics to ward off its complications, adding to our woes and dilemma. The reasons could be a lack of transparent methodical […]

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Genetically modified skin cells saved a 7-year old boy’s life


A remarkable achievement in the world of regenerative medicine, especially for victims of severe burns and suffering from skin conditions, came forward when scientists reported that they were able to successfully engraft modified stem cells in order to grow skin over a 7 year old boy. Suffering from genetic disease known as Junctional Epidermolysis Bullosa […]

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