Being Intimate During Pregnancy

Is it safe to get intimate during pregnancy? Do too many sexual involvements trigger labour? Does it affect the growth of the baby? There are many concerns involved with sex during pregnancy.

However, besides these common concerns to say no to sex, perhaps you may have other reasons to not find that old loving zing in your relationship when you are pregnant.

Your libido seems to experience a roller coaster ride during this time. Sometimes, you are too tired, nauseated, and are feeling irritated even by his simple touches. Maybe, on other days, the feelings can be different.

As per sex experts, many women can have the best sex experiences during their pregnancy for various reasons. The pregnancy makes your nipples plump; your genitals become too engorged with blood flow, it eases your vaginal opening with a high volume of natural lubrication. All these just add to your desire, and are likely to encourage getting off with your partner.

On the other hand, your man seems to be high on his libido, finding you too steamier, which is a huge turn on for him too. However, as both of you cannot connect properly to be intimate at an emotional seam, your intimate life is getting interrupted.

This is a usual experience which every couple goes through during those days of pregnancy. Instead of staying away from sex through intercourse in part or entirely during pregnancy, you should try to be intimate with your partner while you are pregnant. Thinking this way just helps you stay connected and close to your partner, which is indeed important during your pregnancy.

It is crucial for you to understand that you can apply other techniques to feel the essence of intimacy, rather than exerting intercourse to feel an orgasm. If you cannot bond through intercourse, use techniques like caressing and stroking. This would help you build a strong connect with your partner through intimacy.

Get to know important ways to stay together emotionally and physically.

Listen To Your Sexual Needs

The big milestone of motherhood is going to approach you soon. But, being pregnant does not mean you cannot explore your sexual needs. Get yourself a sanction to enjoy it to prove that you are still a sexual person.

Clear Confusions With Communication

Your man is highly tempted, but his concerns may hinder him from taking the step forward in the assumption that his step may hurt you or his baby. It is worth solving these weird feelings and move on ahead together.

First Trimester

The high risk pregnancy may be a hurdle to get off with your partner. But, if there is no such concern, indulge yourself in a steamier act without apprehending about your birth control. It is safe for you and your baby too.

Second Trimester

During this phase, your estrogen gets a boost, making you want for more. With no protruding belly and possible concern of miscarriage intensifying, you are free to explore your sexual needs.

Third Trimester

This time, you cannot think sex in your mind. Your oversize belly makes you feel uncomfortable to try different positions this time around. Maybe, you can experience labour for overdoing your act. However, in most cases this cannot happen unless your cervix is ready.

Remember that pregnancy sex makes you look sensitized and your body parts engorged with blood. This is enough to arouse your guy’s sexual feelings. So, go for it if you are expecting a normal pregnancy.

Don’t miss to savour the essence of intimacy with your partner with a little precaution and carefulness.


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