Pregnancy tips for winter

Are you Pregnant? Tips to Stay Warm in the winter

Follow these simple tips to have a memorable pregnancy as winter settles in.

Winter is a wonderful season, bringing with it hopes of new beginnings. The season puts people in a good frame of mind – gone are the rigours of summer and the damp of the monsoon. One can snuggle up in bed on a cold winter mornings, reading a book and sipping a cup of cocoa. Or one can take a brisk walk as the sun sets on a chilly evening to work up an appetite for supper.

Pregnant women enjoy winter more than anyone else does. The season brings with it comfort and freedom from muggy heat. You can bring out your dresses and coats, strut around in woollen leggings and boots and enjoy the season with family and friends. But when you are expecting your precious bundle of joy, the season becomes doubly special!

But the cold season can also be excruciating on your painful joints. Too much cold weather can ruin your skin and suppress the desire to drink sufficient quantities of water. Some pregnant women get extremely lethargic during the winter and take to their beds, thus depriving themselves of exercise. There are a few simple tips for you to follow as part of your pregnancy care routine in winter. These tips will help you keep warm and enjoy your pregnancy more than before.

Have hot soup and warming food. The age-old recipes that have been handed down from generations come in handy for pregnant women. However, it is better to take your doctor’s advice when consuming warming food. For instance, it is better to stay away from red meat and even chicken, though these provide a good amount of protein. You can eat moderate amounts of ghee (this promotes good cholesterol and warms the body), but it is best to avoid curds, butter milk and lemon juice, which are hydrating but cooling substances.

Stock up on winter clothing. Be careful about what you wear this season. Silk, denim, georgette and nylon are all out, they become cold very quickly and do not allow your skin to breathe. Cotton, khadi and wool are great options. If it is moderately cold, you can wear cotton-rayon blends but be sure to cover your upper body and torso adequately.

Get exercise. It is tempting to skip your exercise routine and flop down in front of the TV with a hot drink. However, missing your exercise harms both you and the baby. Your joints become stiffer, your back loses its alignment and your lower body becomes thick and sluggish. You might also become susceptible to high blood pressure, weight gain and lethargy. Avoid complications by exercising moderately every day. Start with a brisk walk to warm up your body. When your body is warmed up, you will feel sufficiently motivated to exercise.

Invest in warm bedding. The nights can get pretty tough, especially with the baby kicking! Pregnant women need to get sound sleep without being woken up frequently with the cold biting into their bodies. Apart from cosy blankets, get warming pans for your clothes and for your favourite chair. Do not expose yourself to a sudden drop in temperature, it will make your heart palpitate and agitate your skin.

Get comfortable shoes. Cold floors can be unwelcoming first thing in the morning, and also through the day. Your usual bedroom slippers will just not suffice, get boots with a thick sole to wear with your pants and skirts. Encase your feet in woolly socks or wear thermal leggings to keep the cold winds away from your lower body.

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