About To Be Daddy? Know How to Bond With Your Unborn Baby? – Fathers’ Day

As a would-be-mummy, since the time of conception, you share a special relation with your baby snuggled inside your womb.

But, as a would-be-daddy, we know that you’re not a spectator merely. You are as emotionally involved with her happiness and pain, and, want to establish a beautiful bond with the unborn baby, just like her.  

Wondering how? Fret not! We are here to help you out with some ideas:  

Visualise Your Baby

Although as a would-be-mother, your wife can feel every ounce of her baby’s growth inside her womb, however, as a would-be-father you can visualise your baby either by seeing your wife’s growing tummy or feeling the kicks. Nonetheless, visiting the doctor with your partner time and again might also help. During the doctor visits, your wife will undergo ultrasound scans, thus making things real for you. The sound of your baby’s heartbeat, for the first-time ever will be the happiest moment for you. Watching the baby swim in the amniotic sac, can make you feel equally emotional. And talking to your child at this point, to see his or her reaction can be fun and the start of a sweet bond. You can also keep a scanned image of your baby on your phone or wallet to feel close to your unborn. 

Talk to the Baby, Read Aloud or Play Some Music

In between 15 to 23 weeks of your wife’s pregnancy, your baby will start hearing. So, as a father-to-be you can talk to the little person growing inside the mother’s womb. If you talk to your unborn regularly, he or she will slowly start becoming familiar to your voice. So, try to talk to your little one about your plans with him or her. Share your dreams. Share your life.  Additionally, try reading out, aloud or play your favourite track. Let the little person enjoy the book that you once read as a child.  Let the baby connect to the music that you love. Trust us, you won’t ever find a patient listener. And don’t be surprised if you see your growing baby kick as a reaction to some sounds – may be your voice or the music that you recently played.  

Plan Your Baby’s Nursery

Be it the colour of your would-be-baby’s walls or the design of the crib, trying to anticipate what your little one will like and need, will inevitably help you bond with your baby before he or she enters into your world.

Continue to Make Your Wife Feel Important

She’s after all the mummy of your would-be-baby, the most special part of your life. She will obviously need your time, attention, warmth and love, at this moment, like there’s no tomorrow. Moreover, her feelings and emotions will have a direct impact upon the baby. Therefore, giving her a massage down her shoulders or tummy is good idea. Bring her a healthy snack or a glass of nutritious juice or give her the salon time, while she’s adjusting herself to the pregnancy hormones. She’s wouldn’t mind if you appreciate her looks and give her a few hugs. You know, frequent hugs releases “cuddle hormone” as the scientists put it. It will reduce her blood pressure and stress-factors, thus making her feel very happy.

Besides, pregnancy is not solitary affair. Your involvement in this journey will pave the way not only for a wonderful pregnancy, but make parenting an adventure too.  

Happy fathering!