Important Pregnancy Vaccines that Mommies-to-be Should Get

Important Pregnancy Vaccines

During pregnancy, your body undergoes a lot of immunological changes that leave you and the baby in your womb susceptible to certain infectious diseases1. These infections are responsible for morbidity and mortality in mothers, neonatal and even infants. Since the immune systems of neonatal and preemies are not fully developed, they are at a greater […]

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Thinking about Cord Blood Banking? Expect these answers to your Questions

Thinking about Cord Blood Banking

With every passing day, more and more parents are realizing the importance of storing their babies’ cord blood. After all, the stem cells present in the Cord Blood have the power to cure critical illnesses like metabolic ailments, blood disorders, immunity problems and certain cancers too, in the future. Essentially, they can be life-saving. However, […]

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The Use of Stem Cells in Burnt Wound Treatment

Blog_The Use of Stem Cells in Burnt Wound Treatment (2)

*1 Nearly half a million people, from across the world, seek medical help for accidental burns and are hospitalised in severe conditions. These are fatal burns, often causing death. However, there are many other kinds of burns, which may leave the patients physically disabled for their entire lifetime. What are burns? Burns are therefore, accidental […]

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