Women's Day

Women – We are Stronger than you can Ever Imagine

We don’t need a dictionary to understand the importance of women as the one who invented the dictionary came into existence because of a woman. Women, undoubtedly is the backbone of humanity as a whole. The tasks that they undertake and achieve on a daily basis might be surprising even to our maker. However, one thing that cannot be argued with is – being a woman is not least bit easy.

Apart from dealing with social evils like dowry, child marriages, and being considered as a weaker sex, women also have to deal with regular hormonal changes. The feeling is equal to getting punished from all corners. However, the emotional strength backed with the attitude to never give up, women flawlessly tackle all such hurdles and lead their life like a walk in the park.

Our Indian sub-continent has only started emerging as a powerful nation since women started actively participating in the development of the nation.  One term that defines the role of women in modern India is – phenomenal. The transition of Indian women from then and now is really worth applauding. Once solely considered as a homemaker, women nowadays are CEOs of some of the most powerful corporations across the globe.

As Albert Einstein wisely said – “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.

As a mother, she plays an unparalleled role in developing the emotional psychological aspect of a new born child. She not only creates and takes care of her child, but also educates and teaches them discipline.

There is no avenue which is unconquered by Indian women. Some of the women who have set a benchmark for others are Mother Teresa, Kalpana Chawla, Kiran Bedi, Sarojini Naidu, and a lot more. Women have come a long way from doing simple clerical jobs to holding high ranks in I.A.S., I.P.S., and Indian Air Force. There is a steep rise in chief ministers in India who are women. We already had a lady Prime Minister. To encourage participation of rural women in politics in a significant way, the Central Government has introduced a bill in Parliament that reserves one third of the seats in Parliament and other elected bodies for women.

Women’s interest and participation towards social life has increased tremendously. This is a result of women’s education and secularization of social standards. Women are contributing in social establishments and developing an interest towards leading a life of social involvement.

In today’s time, many welfare organisations have come up for women. They are collectively finding new methods to contribute to women’s welfare. Some welfare organisations have been set up at national and state level and majority of them at local level.

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