First ultrasound scan during pregnancy

The First Ultrasound Scan – An Expecting Dad’s Window to Reality

Your partner has shared the news with you and “Oh My God” both of you are feeling at the top of the world.

Most importantly, till the time she hits the 12th week of her pregnancy, when she will actually undergo her first ultrasound scan during pregnancy, you know that the pregnancy is confirmed and that she’s complaining about feeling nauseous in the mornings and feeling of tiredness in her.  

But what about the baby? Well! For that, you are still in a daze as before the first ultrasound the baby is a completely abstract concept for you.  

However, with the 12th week dating-scan, everything slowly becomes clear to you. 

12th Week Dating Scan? What’s That?

It is likely that you will have a “dating ultrasound” around 10-13 weeks if you didn’t get one around 6-8 weeks. This basically is a transabdominal ultrasound scan and, as an expecting dad when you attend the first pre-natal visit with your partner, seeing a black-and-white and alien-looking creature in a black cavern is like a “magical moment”.   But is this magic the only reason for being with your partner in her first ultrasound scan? 

Why Is It Important For You To Be Present In The Ultrasound Scan During Early Pregnancy?

As an expecting father, through these scans, you will be able to get a clear idea about the due date of your baby.  And we know how eagerly you’re waiting for that day to come.

The OB-GYN will check the basic anatomy of the foetus. That is by the 12th week, you will be able to see if your baby is developing properly like the bones (skeleton and skull), whether the baby’s fingernails have formed, the baby’s liver is producing red blood cells, etc.

By this time, you will understand that the umbilical cord will start forming

By this time, the placenta is also expected to function properly and produce hormones to cover the rest of the pregnancy journey.

This test will help you and your partner, understand the foetal size. A smaller length would indicate a chromosomal problem is the baby. Well! It would also mean that there are chances of a miscarriage.

Since, through this test, you’re getting the whole picture of your baby, cuddled inside in your partner’s womb, it will also help you to determine whether the back of your baby is thick to make him or she suffer from birth defects after-birth  

You’ll also get a glimpse of the foetal heartbeat.

So, Now What’s Role as Partner and Dad-to-be?

Take Care Of The Mom

Ask her if she needs help, whether it is the daily household chores or arranging pregnancy romantic date night or doing some baby-proofing stuff around the house. If you have another kid in the household, offer to take up the parenting duty for the child. Even dealing with her pregnancy depression. This will help in cementing the bond you and partner.

Gently Massage Your Partner’s Belly

She will get some relief from some of the pregnancy challenges. Who knows, your baby might also start smiling from the inside, as he or she can feel the “daddy’s touch” and can hear your voice? In fact, by the 24th week of pregnancy, your baby will respond back to you with small kicks, at your touch.

Start Learning About Pregnancy

As the ultrasound is not just about the early stages of the pregnancy. Ultrasounds are common throughout pregnancy. And there is no limits as to how many ultrasound scans during pregnancy can be done. The more the scans are, the better will you be able to determine the health to-be-mom and the baby.

Talk to Your Baby and Starting Bonding

Tell him or her, you’re helping the mother in preparing the nursery and that you’ve also chosen the names (boy or girl).

To Conclude

So, all the first-time dads on the block, when is you pregnant partner’s first scan?

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