Stories of hope: Drilling into my skull and injecting stem cells helped my stroke

Life on one hand seems all bright and beautiful. And when faced with an irreversible ailment with no visible room for recovery, then it seems like uncertainty has had a tight grip on life. Ailments like cancers of all kind, immune system and blood disorders and chronic brain and spine injuries all pose a threat to life. And in the recent times, cord blood stem cell has been the only miracle cure that has been successfully combating the list of dangerous and untreatable ailments and recording victory.

Such is the story of Evelyn Hilton, who was a brave heart to volunteer for stem cell transplant to treat her brain condition. The lady at 58 witnessed a stroke back in 2014. Going by her account, it was a weekend and she doesn’t recall graphic details about the stroke. But she confirms it was a painful one and it prohibited all the movement to the left side of her body. Struggling with this condition, Evelyn wasn’t ready to give up, as she had a list of things to achieve and she didn’t want to quit all that.

Being stuck in the hospital bed makes one vulnerable at the hands of the medical system! Not having any control on her left side, Evelyn one day decided to volunteer for what seemed to her just an experiment. In the course of it a liquid mix of stem cell got injected to her brain cells. During that time, this revolutionary treatment was experimented only on selected patients and the outcome were safe and very effective. The process did however require a hole to be drilled in her skull.

The stakes were high and the results were expected to favourable. But just the idea of drilling a hole into the skull seemed painful and challenging. In her own words, Evelyn expressed her desire to be back to normal, daily life, was so strong, that she was prepared for almost anything. All she assured herself was that the process might just help her heal back than stay in the stroke indefinitely.

Recounting her story, she says, that she reached the hospital within a span of 4 hours and received proper medication that helped to eradicate the blood clot that had taken place and averting further damage. And after she received the stem cell therapy, on the 6th month of her treatment where patients are noted to recovery, she wonders if she would get any better without that. Filled with grace and gratitude Evelyn says that in the time frame of two and half years of her stroke, she has only seen health improvements post the stem cell therapy. Though the changes have been slow, but they are consistent and that’s what helped keep a positive attitude to life.

Over the past few months, Evelyn confirms that she has recovered in a huge way on the left side of her body. This made her do away with the walking stick. She has left it and it’s been a while. She didn’t want the world to look upon her as a disabled, old body but rather as one who is continuously improving in body and mind, with every passing day.

For Evelyn stem cell transfusion has a miracle cure. She isn’t completely normal but has recovered almost 40%. She considers herself lucky to have healed to this extent. There are several such stories of hope where cord blood stem cell therapy has brought back life in people where the end was almost inevitable. This only proves stem cell therapy is the future of regenerative medicine and counting on cord blood banking has its positives.

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