Happy Republic Day

Steps to Ensure a Healthy Lifestyle this Republic Day

This year India will celebrate its 67th Republic Day. It is undoubtedly one of the most significant events in the political history of the country. This day is highly renowned for the inception of a new Constitution of India. The Indian Constitution includes steps that the nation needs to take to make India a better place. Steps are further divided into rules, regulations, rights, and duties which all executives and citizens have to follow, to help in maintaining the nation’s civic health.

So, as the nation takes step towards making the country better for all of us, let us bring a positive change within ourselves by creating a to-do list for our good health. As we all know, “You can’t change what’s going on around you, until you start changing what’s going on within you.”

Evaluate your current situation:

You need planning and monitoring to make sure that the initiative you took is successful. The best method to lay out a health plan is by understanding your current situation. Always remember that the absence of illness cannot be considered as a sign of perfect health. A complete body check is the only sure way to evaluate your current position in terms of health. Preventive health check can inform you about the functioning of all your internal systems and acts as a guide informing you about any lifestyle change, medical or surgical procedures you may need.

Set up a proper diet regime:

A healthy diet plan helps in taking care of most of the lifestyle ailments. Research states that a diet with low saturated fat and sodium, and rich in potassium, calcium, and magnesium can help curb mortality rates by 27%. Ironically, food that contains saturated fats are junk food and they are really expensive, whereas healthy diet is usually easy on your wallet.

Walk toe to toe with the medical advancements:

Staying abreast with the latest advancements in the medical industry is highly essential for better health care. The most impressive advancement in the recent time is Stem Cell Banking. This process is about storing your Stem Cells. The Umbilical Cord Blood after the birth of the baby is collected and stored in a Cord Blood Bank that can be helpful to treat people with certain disorders. This medical process is believed to cure more than 80 diseases like thalassemia and blood cancer.

Always keep momentum alive:

Lack of physical activity is one of the biggest threat to a healthy lifestyle. It leads to weight gain and obesity, which escalates to variety of other ailments. So, make sure you devote time for some physical activity on a daily basis. Staying in shape also helps you in maintaining a positive social image.

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