Cleaning tips during Pregnancy

Pregnant Mom’s Guide to Squeaky Clean House & Environment

In this season where the whole nation’s focus is shifted towards cleanliness, every individual is trying to do their part. If you are expecting and are in those days where your mood swings faster than the pendulum and you feel the strain when you haven’t even lifted an empty tea cup, cleaning the home can actually be your therapy. A clean surrounding within and outside your home simply means a healthy living not just for you but also for your little one. So if you are still wondering if this is even possible, here a quick guide that will fetch you a spotless home.

Working in Phases

While you are expecting you easily get tired. In such a given scenario it is very tough to clean the entire house on your own. So the magic mantra is to do it in bits and pieces. One day you can clean the living room and the day after that you can clean the kitchen. By adopting such a manner you will get to enjoy the spic and span of your home in just few days. This will not only help to finish the task but will also keep you occupied and fit.

Stay Away From Toxic Chemicals

We all generally use quite a few harsh chemicals when it comes to do some thorough cleaning for products like oven, toilets and drains. Avoid using such products and read the instructions. If it says it isn’t safe for pregnant women just keep yourself away from it.

Learn the Right Moves

Avoid jerky and sudden movements that can cause muscle pull or any kind of sprain. Given the natural stress of pregnancy you don’t want to surely add more pain to it. Know simple moves and ensure that you religiously follow them throughout. Don’t rush. Take your time to clean the house or the products at your own pace.

Share the Chores

Ask your partner to be your helping hand and plan the cleaning accordingly. This is a good way to share the household work as well as spend some quality time with your partner. Get them involved with your cleaning routine. If you are allergic to dust, stay away from the related chores. You don’t want to catch cold or end up sneezing or suffer a mighty headache. Seek help from your spouse. Simple as that!

You can even step out your house and clean the surrounding. Having a clean surrounding means choosing a healthy lifestyle for your little one who is yet to breathe life. Stay clean. Happy SwachhBharath!

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