Pregnant during festivities

Pregnant During Festivities? Do You Know What To Do?

From cleaning and decorating the house to shopping, pandal hopping and gorging on food; Indian festivals are full of fun and enjoyment. But wait! Aren’t you pregnant?

Well! Pregnancy doesn’t mean that you will have to change the way, you usually celebrate your own festivals, but you’ll surely have to be a little more cautious during the celebrations.   

So, read on to find out the pregnancy safety tips during the festivals.

Decorate Your House With Care

Right from planting trees in your kitchen garden to changing a décor inside your house, house cleaning and decorating is one of the most important things during the festive season. But, since you’re pregnant, you’ll have to a few rules to not to go overboard like avoid dusting, climbing ladders, lifting weight and be careful and away from the chemical products. Alternately, if you’re placing diyas and candles, try to keep them away from flammable areas, like newspapers or wooden furniture. Particularly, stay away from candles, if your baby bump is showing. As, most of the time you’ll not be able to look at your feet below the bump and the clothes hanging above may get close to the flame, without even you realising it.

Feasting, While You’re Expecting

During the festive season, having fried foods and sweets become the trend. But you’d have to remember that, you’re pregnant and that having anything oily or spicy or something very sweet, (which you might be carving for), can trigger acidity and heartburn in you. So, its always better to keep a check on your diet, while you’re expecting, during the festivities. Ensure that you make a nutritious choice, even during the festive season, by including walnuts, figs and “khajur”-based sweets instead of consuming sugar and increase your calorie.  After all, weight gain, during pregnancy can lead to serious complications.

Fasting, While You’re Expecting?

Is a big “No”!  As the baby growing inside your womb needs its essential nutrition and oxygen. Your starving might affect the baby’s growth.

Try Avoiding Crowd

During the festive season, people go out shopping and pandal hopping and the crowd is rowdy. So, to save yourself for any unnecessary accidents, shop online and avoid going to pandals which are thronged with people.

Try To Use Herbal Beauty Products

Festival is the time to deck-up and look good. Using beauty products with chemicals might be harmful.

Wear Loose Garments

You’d have to wear maternity dresses for festivals, but ensure that they are loose and comfortable, and materials that you get enough space to breath.

Try Not To Exert Yourself

You need to take breaks while you’re going through the festive madness. Read a book, watch a movie, and don’t worry. Also, ensure you get lots of sleep. Even short afternoon naps are good for you.

Watch Out For Pollution

During festivals, the chances of pollution are high. So, being a would-be-mummy, you might feel breathless, dizzy, and at times nauseous. So, try to stay in well-ventilated places.  

To Conclude

Follow everything mentioned as your pregnancy guide during festivals. But, don’t miss the doctor’s appointment. Your health-care specialist might give you better pregnancy tips for the festive season. Who knows you might just have to take extra care if you’re carrying twins or have any complications?

Also, if you get a chance, in this festive season don’t forget to give your baby and yourself, the assurance of a healthy future by cord blood banking.

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