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Pregnancy Calculator Important for Estimating Due Date

Pregnancy is typically a period of nine months during which women carry a fetus until the delivery time. A child’s birth usually occurs about 38 weeks after a woman’s conception, or about 40 weeks after the last period of menstruation. This term is defined to be between 37 and 42 weeks, according to the World Health Organization. An approximate pregnancy date or “due date” is given to the parents in the first visit to the doctor, that is generally defined after the sonography test.

Using a pregnancy calculator, after calculating the due date with the help of a pregnancy due date calculator, one can also evaluate the pregnancy schedule. On receipt of the due document, it includes valid information such as approximate due date, date of conception, pregnancy status, present trimester stage and dates of other prenatal tests.

Therefore, you don’t have to pay the healthcare provider frequent visits or decide the delivery schedule or due date depending on the sonography.

Pregnancy calculators also provide information about the growth of foetus and the age of the fetus. One can use a weekly calculator for childbirth, which provides information as per week format. In order to use a pregnancy calendar, one needs to type in the pregnancy due along with some other relevant information.

A pregnant woman can better prepare herself emotionally, physically and financially for the birth of her baby by becoming conscious of the likely due date. The family members also find ample time to prepare for the baby’s arrival along with the expectant mother, bearing in mind the probable due date. Therefore, it helps in all respects to know the estimated delivery date.

A 40-week pregnancy is usually divided into 3 trimesters, each consisting of about three months. There are many factors on which the actual duration of the pregnancy depends. For example, the first pregnancy mostly lasts longer than the subsequent pregnancies. Less than 10 percent of births occur on the due date and half of births occur within a week from the due date, while almost 90 percent occur within 15 days from the exact date. Even if one does not know their due date, an estimate can be made using a pregnancy calculator or a due date calculator.

When pregnancy progresses your doctor will check the estimated due date of delivery. Through your trimesters, the ultrasounds will help the doctor will decide how old your baby is, also your due date might change according to the size of the baby.

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