How Your Changing Body Prepares for Pregnancy

So you’ve just confirmed that you are pregnant! Congratulations! The next few months are going to reshape your life in several magical ways. And though you didn’t notice anything amiss till you missed your first period, your body was silently preparing itself for your baby from the first week of conception itself. Your body changes week by week in pregnancy, though you may not feel all the changes as they happen.

While you were unaware that a new life was quietly taking form inside you, your uterus was implanting the egg. This might have caused some mild vaginal spotting, which you probably mistook for a period. By the time you confirmed your pregnancy, your breasts had become a little tender and you had heightened sense of taste and smell.

In the coming days, you will gain weight, your surging hormones will make you moody, the early weeks will give you morning sickness, you might urinate frequently and get tired easily…and you might even have misgivings about the whole baby idea. Do not fret – these feelings are natural. Stay tuned to any changes in your body, especially during the first trimester. Some vaginal spotting is normal but if you notice bleeding, alert your doctor at once. Also, stabbing pains in the sides in the first three months must be investigated.

Soon, you will feel mild fluttering inside your belly and then actual kicks when your baby decides to announce itself. What a joyful time to live! Work around your physical discomfort and focus more on eating well, taking your meds, shopping for comfortable clothes and above all, involving your partner in your daily routine. This can be an overwhelming time, so your baby’s daddy can be your trusted ally. Stay happy, get plenty of rest and indulge in some light exercise. You’ll need to be rested and healthy to prepare for your precious little cargo’s arrival! You’ll know that all those months of forbearance were worth it when you meet your baby for the first time.