World Cancer Day

Effective ways to Observe World Cancer Day & Curb your Cancer Risk

Cancer has been one of the most challenging diseases human race has ever dealt with. Every year on the 4th of Feb we put the spotlight on Cancer and try and educate people about the illness through creating awareness and dispelling myths that surround cancer.

World Health Organisation has confirmed that cancer is one of the leading causes of death across the globe. Another shocking fact being that more than 70% of these deaths happen in countries inhabited by low and middle income class.

However, one can take necessary precautions and make necessary lifestyle changes to have a better chance at fighting cancer. “Adopt a healthy lifestyle – it’s the best thing you can do,” said Leslie Bernstein[1], Ph.D., R.N., Director of the Division of Cancer Etiology in the Department of Population Sciencesat City of Hope[2].

Cancer is responsible for the death of approximately 8.2 million people worldwide each year as of 2012[3] and it is still one of the major causes of death in countries like United States and India. However, all hope is not lost as scientists and researchers have come out with variety of cures that have helped bring down the death rates in recent years.

So, this Cancer Day let us look at some practices we can include in our daily lives that will immensely reduce the cancer risk.

  • Exercise Regularly: Bernstein suggests that by simply cultivating a habit of 45 minute walk daily can help in making a statistical difference. Always remember – an active body is a healthy body.
  • Educate yourself about Stem Cell research: Stem Cells have significantly helped in treating various types of cancer for a long time. Stem Cell treatments have been used for the treatment of blood cancers like leukaemia for the past 45 years. Stem Cell therapy helps in resurrecting the immune system of a patient who has undergone chemotherapy. The Stem Cells from a baby’s Umbilical Cord can be possibly used for its sibling to treat blood cancer.
  • Keep a regular check on your weight: Cancer related to breast, pancreas, bowels, kidney, gall bladder, & female reproductive organs have all been closely related to obesity. To make things easy to understand, you can always use the body mass index calculator to quickly assess your healthy weight.
  • Quit smoking right now: Intake of tobacco products is one of the biggest reasons for lung and many other forms of cancer. The risk of cancer also applies to tobacco alternatives like e-cigarettes & hookah, as they cause variety of health issues, due to nicotine & chemicals present in them.

Go for regular body check-ups: Screening might not help cure cancer, but early diagnosis drastically helps in increasing chances of successful treatment. Women should go for regular




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