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Your Diet & Blood Sugar Levels Affect Your Stem Cells

Blood sugar or blood glucose is a test that measures the amount of glucose, which is a type of sugar, in your blood. This glucose is considered to be the core source of energy for the body and can be found in foods that are rich in carbohydrates. The cells in your body depend on the energy produced by the glucose to function throughout the day. You have often heard that when sugar levels fall, people tend to feel tired and also suffer from bouts of dizziness. However, an increase in the blood sugar level can also have a negative impact on your nerves, kidneys, eyes and blood vessels.

The Blood Sugar Levels For An Adult Are As Follows:

Your Diet & Blood Sugar levels affect your Stem Cells 2-body

An increase of blood sugar can cause diabetes. The cells within the body depend on insulin, which is a hormone created in the pancreas, to use the glucose. Diabetes can cause the insulin to stop performing its function thus leading to a rise in the blood glucose levels in the body. If these levels remain high over a period of time they can eventually cause damage to various organs of the body.

One of the major causes of diabetes is an unhealthy diet. Eating High Glycemic Index Foods Glycemic Index (GI) is described as the “calculation of how fast a type of food consumed by us is turned into energy, i.e. into glucose.” This ‘High GI foods’ are those that easily release glucose into the body. Some of the foods that fall in to this category are pastries, carbonated drinks, white bread, white potatoes, candies and ready-to-eat foods.

A negative consequence of this improper diet and increasing blood sugar levels is the weakening of the stem cells. The essential function of stem cells is to repair, renew and replace. They have the ability to locate injury sites within the body and repair the damaged tissues. They can also renew themselves through the process of mitosis and increase the stem cell count of the body. After differentiating via mitosis, a stem cell can also replace another body cell by imitating the functions of that cell. However, diabetes and an unhealthy diet can prevent stem cells from carrying out these tasks.

Providing proper nutrition to your body is important in order to ensure the health of your stem cells. Therefore, maintaining a balanced diet will not only prevent your blood glucose levels from fluctuating but will also allow the stem cells to perform properly.

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